Thursday, June 13, 2013

400 BLOCK OF MESA RIDGE ROAD – A woman reported that she wasn’t “getting along” well with her husband’s cousin. The cousin agreed to leave the house.

600 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3737 – A man got into an argument with his girlfriends. When the girl’s mom came to pick her up, the man threatened the mom with a shotgun. He was arrested.

12000 BLOCK OF AZURE HEIGHTS – A person was seen lying motionless on the side of a street near Rhome. When deputies arrived they found the man to be highly intoxicated. They were arrested for public intoxication.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

5900 BLOCK OF US. 287 SOUTH – Copper was stolen from a cell phone tower.

500 BLOCK OF WEST FRANKLIN STREET – A guy was harassing an ex-girlfriend.

100 BLOCK OF OLD BASE ROAD – A woman reported that someone was using her checking account to pay their bills.

100 BLOCK OF MARSHALL ROAD – A man reported that one of his friends stole his lottery tickets out of pickup.

500 BLOCK OF PETTIT – A gun was burglarized from a home.

1800 BLOCK OF FARM ROAD 2123 – A man was worried because his wife’s ex-husband was coming to get him.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

400 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3343 – A man reported that a neighbor tossed a bunch of nails into his driveway and the road in front of it. It was the second time it had happened in two days.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1638 – An abandoned vehicle was found in a dried-up section of Lake Bridgeport at Wise County Park in Chico. The vehicle was towed from the lake bed.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

300 BLOCK OF EAST SHERMAN – Someone broke into and stole a laptop from a vehicle parked in front of the Chico Mart.

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3540 – Someone was dumping trash onto the grounds of Wilson Prairie Cemetery.

200 BLOCK OF NORTH HOVEY STREET – A lawnmower was stolen from a home in Chico.

200 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4693 – A man said his neighbor had illegally tapped into his water line and electricity.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

3100 BLOCK OF S. MURVIL STREET – An old air conditioning window unit was stolen from a home south of Decatur.

1000 BLOCK OF FARM ROAD 3433 – A man reported that someone was possibly locked in the trunk of a car.

700 BLOCK OF ROGERS ROAD – A man reported that his daughter had consumed an entire bottle of the prescription drug Xanax, a pill used to treat anxiety disorders. She became ornery after swallowing the pills and was transported to Wise Regional Health System in Decatur for a medical evaluation.

700 BLOCK OF ROGERS ROAD – A woman reported that her boyfriend’s neighbor attempted to grab her breast. She said the man’s behavior had her concerned about the welfare of children in the neighborhood.

300 BLOCK OF FARM ROAD 730 NORTH – A man reported that someone from an electric company accidentally ran over and killed his dog.