Wednesday, February 6, 2013

500 BLOCK OF CR 3051 – A man said he arranged a time to pick up a recreational vehicle. During the transaction, the man said the other man pointed a gun at him due to a disagreement, and even fired a round at him.

500 BLOCK OF CR 1793 – A man considered a text from his ex-wife about child support to be harassment.

600 BLOCK OF HUNTER TRAIL – A man shoved his mom to the ground, threw a bag at her and then kicked her. He was arrested for assault.

200 BLOCK OF N. MOUNT – A complainant filed a harassment report because someone made a false statement about them on Facebook.

LAKE ROAD RV PARK – A woman was arrested at the RV park for public intoxication.

1600 BLOCK OF CHICO HIGHWAY – A man who was “Dumpster-diving” at the CashSaver Cost Plus Food Outlet harassed some electricians and refused to leave the premises. The man left after talking to officers. He returned later and was issued a criminal trespass warning. He was later spotted loitering in a truck stop parking lot and on another nearby property, wearing only shorts.

1400 BLOCK OF IRVIN – Officers responded to a possible physical in progress call and found two men having a dispute. One was arrested for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces.

1700 BLOCK OF LANICE – A woman discovered that one of her dogs was injured. She thought it had been attacked by two possums. She later found out that someone had shot her dog.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

100 BLOCK OF CR 2360 – A man said someone stole his dog while he was away on a hunting trip.

200 BLOCK OF CR 4693 – A man said his ex-wife keeps harassing him via phone calls.

200 BLOCK OF RUNAWAY BAY DRIVE – A woman was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend.

800 BLOCK OF W. SHOEMAKER STREET – A man was arrested for public intoxication after stumbling drunk into the Dairy Queen.

800 BLOCK OF U.S. 380 – Dispatch received multiple reports that someone was beaming a laser light into vehicles as they passed by on U.S. 380. Officers spotted two suspects near the pool area at Bridgeport Suites, but the suspects fled by the time officers made scene.

Monday, February 4, 2013

100 BLOCK OF CR 3838 – Copper wire was burglarized from a barn.

700 BLOCK OF CR 1304 – A man said someone shot holes through the window into his home with a BB gun.

12000 BLOCK OF BIG ROCK – Three new homes were burglarized on this road. Two of the homes had the front door stolen. The third had all the appliances taken.

700 BLOCK OF U.S. 380 – A woman who appeared intoxicated was seen leaving the Dollar General with DVDs and a few other items that hadn’t been paid for. Officers issued the woman a trespass warning for the location.

Thursday, January 31, 2013

100 BLOCK OF LANGE WAY – A home was burglarized.

100 PR 3806 – A woman said her neighbor cussed at her.

100 BLOCK OF CR 4764 – A generator was stolen from an oil field site.

100 BLOCK OF BERKE STREET – A man was assaulted by his ex-wife.

100 BLOCK OF PR 3387 – A woman said her daughter’s boyfriend damaged the yard by spinning out on the lawn.

300 BLOCK OF ILLINOIS DRIVE – A girl received harassing text messages from a classmate.

Monday, January 28, 2013

8100 BLOCK OF FARM ROAD 51 NORTH – A girl hurled a bowl of cereal at her father.

5900 BLOCK OF U.S. 287 – Deputies responded to a dispute between a man and his brother-in-law. The men were arguing over the ownership of a truck stop in Alvord.

300 BLOCK OF MARSHAL – A woman came into her neighbor’s house and requested an ambulance. Once medics arrived she refused treatment and went home.

400 BLOCK OF LONE TRAIL – A man caught someone trying to dump a trailer home on his property.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

1800 BLOCK OF OLD DECATUR ROAD – A woman reported that a vehicle parked in her driveway and left a small oil spot.

1400 BLOCK OF TEXAS 101 SOUTH – Numerous items were burglarized from a warehouse.

400 BLOCK OF HOVEY LANE – A man in Newark said his engine was stolen.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4610 – A couple got into an argument over finances.

500 BLOCK OF WICKHAM – Two men and two women got into a fight at a residence in Alvord. All four were arrested.

100 BLOCK OF ROOK RAMSEY – A jailer at Wise County jail was taken to the hospital after he accidentally shot himself in the finger with a Taser.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

200 BLOCK OF CR 2590 – A man reported that his dog was shot by a neighbor.

300 BLOCK OF MARSHALL ROAD – A man was arrested for holding his wife at home against her will.

3400 BLOCK OF TEXAS 114 WEST – Sheriff’s deputies responded to a call that a business owner in Paradise had been shot. The owner, who thought he was talking to his wife, made a joke to the alarm company representative that he had been shot.