Tuesday, October 30

300 BLOCK OF W. SHERMAN – A couple got into an argument about driving habits.

700 BLOCK OF CR 1304 – A trailer was vandalized northeast of Bridgeport.

500 BLOCK OF PR 4906 – A purse was stolen from a home southeast of Rhome.

700 BLOCK OF JOY ROAD – A bullet was found lodged in a window sill of a home located off Gladness Circle near Rhome.

700 BLOCK OF PIONEER ROAD – A man found a bullet lodged in a wall of his shop not far from the home shot at on Joy Road.

1300 BLOCK OF TEXAS 114 EAST – A woman reported that her 16-year-old son was “acting out.”

Monday, October 29

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4907 – A lawnmower was stolen from a home southeast of Rhome.

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1691 – A man was tired of being harassed on Facebook.

300 BLOCK OF BRIAR OAKS – A man accused his neighbor of stealing water.

300 BLOCK OF CEDAR ROAD – Several bicycles were stolen from a home near Paradise.

1100 BLOCK OF CR 1480 – Multiple junk vehicles were stolen from a home southwest of Alvord.

300 BLOCK OF N. TRAPPIER STREET – A windmill was stolen from outside a home in Alvord.

100 BLOCK OF WOOD LANE – A flag was destroyed in Briar.

100 BLOCK OF CR 3355 – Gasoline was siphoned from a church van at First Baptist Church in Cottondale.