Wednesday, October 10

400 BLOCK OF TIMBER TRAIL – A home located south of Decatur off FM 730 was burglarized.

8600 BLOCK OF FM 730 SOUTH – A woman was assaulted by her stepson’s girlfriend over a Facebook status update.

3500 BLOCK OF CR 3655 – A house in Boonsville was burglarized.

300 BLOCK OF CR 1641 – A home west of Chico was burglarized.

11000 BLOCK OF SHADY OAKS DRIVE – A man reported that his 9-year-old son set fire to a field near their home.

200 BLOCK OF CR 1170 – A woman called to complain that her father would not let her leave his house. She was arrested by responding deputies for an outstanding warrant.

100 BLOCK OF CR 4874 – A home in Newark was burglarized.

Monday, October 8

100 BLOCK OF FM 1658 – Several pieces of scrap metal were stolen from a business.

300 BLOCK OF HERITAGE CREEK – A woman reported that her children are ruining hunting season.

100 BLOCK OF PRAIRIE LANE – A drunk man reported that he is afraid of his drug-abusing son.

200 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4907 – A man received harassing text messages.

Friday, October 5

100 BLOCK OF TRAVIS ROAD – A man was upset his neighbor’s cats were on his property.

100 BLOCK OF MEADOW POND COURT – A man was arguing with his daughters over stuff.

1700 BLOCK OF TEXAS 101 – Truck drivers got into an argument over cutting in line at a gravel plant in Bridgeport.

200 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3385 – A burglar broke into a house south of Paradise and stole a jewelry box.

Tuesday, October 2

100 BLOCK OF CR 2445 – A man caught someone stealing his four-wheeler. Deputies soon found the vehicle abandoned in the middle of the road.

1400 BLOCK OF CATES STREET – A woman harrassed her boyfriend’s ex-wife via phone calls.

100 BLOCK OF PR 2895 – A man loaned his car to a woman 10 months ago, and she won’t give it back.

100 BLOCK OF MAIN STREET – A man said someone suffering from road rage followed him to a gas station in Paradise and slapped him in the face.

300 BLOCK OF CR 3418 – A man reported that a Bridgeport restaurant owner threatened him.

Sunday, September 30

400 BLOCK OF CR 4421 – A man found a threatening note tacked on his front door.

300 BLOCK OF COLLUM – A man was arrested for assault after he hit his ex-girlfriend in the face at a residence in Lake Bridgeport.

200 BLOCK OF PRAIRIE LANE – A man showed up at a woman’s home in Briar and pretended to be a police officer and brandished a gun.