Sunday, June 24

800 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1308 – Burglars stole tools from a barn near Bridgeport.

200 BLOCK OF FAITH TRAIL – A 5,000 watt generator was stolen from the bed of pickup parked in Paradise.

1000 BLOCK OF B&B DRIVE – A man reported that someone was dumping rocks on his property without permission. He wasn’t mad about it; he just wanted them to call first.

200 BLOCK OF KILLOUGH STREET – A person was caught on camera trespassing on property in Newark.

Saturday, June 23

900 BLOCK OF EL CAMINO REAL – A homeowner in Newark discovered that someone had moved his lawnmower. The suspect left a flashlight behind. The flashlight was taken into evidence for fingerprinting.

100 BLOCK OF PR 4903 – A homeowner in Newark became upset because their water was cut off.

Friday, June 20

300 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4823 – The window of a pickup truck was shot out by a vandal near Boyd.

200 BLOCK OF PR 4906 – A 2005 Kia Rio was stolen from a home located south of Rhome.

100 BLOCK OF MICHAELS ROAD – A man was seen doing yard work in the nude in a rural neighborhood north of Decatur.