Saturday, Dec. 17

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 2218 – Oil field trucks were seen driving on a private road.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4695 – A woman’s Social Security number was being used by a person strange to her.

200 BLOCK OF FARM ROAD 1658 – A woman reported her car was stolen. The vehicle was later located at an impound lot.

2000 BLOCK OF FARM ROAD 407 – Several males were seen stealing beer from a gas station.

300 BLOCK OF LATHAM LANE – A man saw someone suspicious near his vehicle.

900 BLOCK OF TEXAS 101 NORTH – A house was burglarized.

800 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4360 – What was first believed to be a burglary at a residence was simply a case of toys being stored out of place.

Friday, Dec. 16

900 BLOCK OF OLD DECATUR ROAD – A man found flowers damaged at his son’s grave.

600 BLOCK OF FARM ROAD 1655 – Batteries were stolen from a trailer at a construction site.

100 BLOCK OF MINNOW DRIVE – A woman was concerned that an item she never ordered was delivered to her home.

800 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3592 – A woman reported that her neighbors damaged her no-trespassing signs.

300 BLOCK OF STRAWBERRY LANE – Two men were arguing at a residence, and one displayed a gun.

2100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4380 – A foreclosed home was damaged.

200 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4874 – A child was reportedly “tearing up the house.”

Thursday, Dec. 15

500 BLOCK OF BERKE STREET – A cell phone was stolen.

100 BLOCK OF GRIFFIN STREET – An unknown suspect kicked open the front door of a home and stole a television.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 1307 – A homeowner reported that an unknown suspect in a maroon pickup truck pulled up in front of their home and starting taking photographs.

200 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3672 – A man evicted his son, but he refused to leave.

Wednesday, Dec. 14

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1749 – Several juveniles attempted to steal some scrap metal.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 3551 – A 17-year-old ran away from home after he was grounded from using his cell phone.

800 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3952 – Neighbors got into a dispute over a fence line.

12400 BLOCK OF PINESTRAW – A woman was threatened by her son-in-law.

700 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 2391 – A home was burglarized.

Monday, Dec. 12

1000 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1744 – A firearm was stolen from a vehicle.

200 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 3762 – A man’s dog was shot with a BB gun.

100 BLOCK OF MARSHALL ROAD – A man reported that his friend’s son was verbally abusing one of his friends.

3800 BLOCK OF FARM ROAD 2952 – A man overdosed on an unknown drug at the Methodist Camp.

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4929 – A man accidentally shot himself with a handgun.

Sunday, Dec. 11

3300 BLOCK OF TEXAS 101 – Tools were stolen from an unlocked vehicle.

200 BLOCK OF LURE STREET – A tool box was stolen from the bed of a pickup.

400 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4520 – A woman reported that jewelry was stolen out of a jewelry box located in her bedroom.

200 BLOCK OF ROOK RAMSEY – A man filed a report that two pistols and a rifle were stolen from a vehicle.

200 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4437 – A man loaned his lawn mower to his brother, but the brother pawned it.

2000 BLOCK OF U.S. 81/287 NORTH – A woman was assaulted at Bono’s.

100 BLOCK OF BEAR CLAW COURT – A woman reported that her 14- and 17-year-old sons were fighting.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4793 – A woman reported that her husband stole her jewelry.

Saturday, Dec. 10

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4180 – A woman was issued a criminal trespass warning.

200 BLOCK OF PRAIRIE LANE – A woman wanted a trespass warning issued to her brother.

900 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4679 – A drop light was stolen from a shed.

2000 BLOCK OF TEXAS 114 EAST – A suspect burglarized a car care business. The perpetrator entered the front door of the business by cutting through the pad lock.

Thursday, Dec. 8

1600 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4280 – A woman paid to have new windows installed on her house, but the company never did the work.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4180 – A man reported that his mother was harassing his Realtor.

1100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3690 – A soda machine was stolen.

200 BLOCK OF BRIGHTON OAKS – A woman said someone pulled into her driveway and “verbally assaulted” her.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4596 – A man was cussed at by his uncle.