Saturday, April 16

1200 block of Salt Creek – A woman said her camera was stolen and replaced with an identical camera.

100 block of Private Road 4191 – A married couple argued about the man’s amount of beer consumption.

100 block of County Road 4845 – A woman’s jewelry was stolen from her home while she was in jail.

1800 block of County Road 1770 – A man’s trash blew into his neighbor’s yard. He agreed to clean it up.

300 block of County Road 3332 – A man found an abandoned vehicle crashed into one of his trees. The sheriff’s office impounded it.

400 block of W. Live Oak – Juveniles were shooting people with airsoft guns.

Tuesday, April 12

100 block of Private Road 3230 – A man was arrested after he hit a woman in the face after they got into an argument about medication.

1000 block of Farm Road 4757 – Approximately $20,000 of oil-field equipment was stolen.

200 block of Private Road 4574 – A suspect tapped into someone else’s water supply to get free water.

700 block of Chambers – A man pulled up in front of a woman’s house and took pictures of her.

Monday, April 11

3600 block of Farm Road 51 South – Scrap aluminum and copper were stolen.

150 block of County Road 3389 – A couple going through a divorce but still living together were arguing.

Paradise High School – Two students didn’t want to leave the classroom after detention.

600 block of Elm Circle – A man was issued a trespass warning for driving his lawnmower onto his neighbor’s property.

1500 block of County Road 4698 – Two men argued over a flat tire found on their mother’s car.