Thursday, April 28

Intersection of Farm Road 51 and Texas 114 – A man reported that he was being followed by his girlfriend’s father.

12900 block of Kingsgate Drive – Solar panel lights were stolen from a lawn.

1500 block of County Road 1790 – Several people walked onto a property and around a man’s house.

4100 block of U.S. 380 West – A trailer was stolen.

800 block of Farm Road 2952 – Copper was stolen from a business.

100 block of County Road 4798 – A woman’s grandson refused to go to school.

100 block of Private Road 4831 – A drunk neighbor went to his neighbor’s house carrying a pistol. He was arrested.

300 block of School House Road – A man said he was threatened by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend.

2600 block of Farm Road 1204 – Two men were prowling about a woman’s home.

100 block of Private Road 4906 – A suspect fired a BB gun at a man’s house.

400 block of Private Road 4624 – A man thinks his neighbor shot his dog.

Wednesday, April 27

100 block of Illinois Street – A suspect drove off without paying for gas.

100 block of Salted Nut Court – A woman reported that her son became belligerent after he got grounded.

500 block of Texas 101 – A motorcycle was stolen from a residence.

1500 block of Farm Road 3433 – A computer was stolen from a vehicle.

Monday, April 25

Paradise High School – Teenagers were “mudding” by the baseball fields.

200 block of Private Road 4810 – Several stray dogs were chasing horses.

1800 block of U.S. 287 – A chainsaw was stolen from a store.

Intersection of Private Road 4750 and Farm Road 730 – A suspect attempted to steal an AC unit but failed.

Thursday, April 21

600 block of Farm Road 2123 – A woman thinks someone entered her home and stole family photographs.

100 block of Private Road 4630 – A man was upset that his neighbors are allowed to press charges against him.

200 block of Clover – A home was burglarized. The suspects gained access by climbing through a window.

Wednesday, April 20

200 block of Three Skillet – A door was forced open to a home, and jewelry was stolen.

1100 block of County Road 3390 – A man became upset after finding some text messages on his girlfriend’s cell phone.

10000 block of Texas 199 – A highly intoxicated man felt better after the deputy left.

200 block of Rhett Court – A babysitter said she was being harassed by phone by the father of the child she was watching.

Chico High School – An iPod was stolen during class.

700 block of Chambers Street – A woman wanted to file sexual harassment charges after someone called her “darling.”

200 block of Airfield Road – A tank truck was dumping mud at the old sand plant.

2800 block of County Road 4227 – A suspect was stealing junk cars.

Monday, April 18

100 block of County Road 3850 – A man found two raccoons and a rabbit by the side of the road that had been shot and killed.

6100 block of Farm Road 2264 – Two people were seen wandering around a pasture and near a gas well-site. The two were located and arrested for outstanding warrants.

500 block of W. Franklin – A man thought someone was attempting to enter his apartment through the roof.