Friday, March 11

300 block of County Road 4421 – A man reported an assault. He said he was strangled by his girlfriend’s dad and then slapped by his girlfriend.

400 block of County Road 3170 – A suspect cursed and made a “rude gesture” while driving by someone.

1000 block of U.S. 287 North – A man was hit in the face at Bono’s Chophouse. The blow knocked him to the concrete, and his skull was fractured.

800 block of County Road 1792 – Unknown suspects shot several cows.

1200 block of County Road 1785 – A man reported that his daughter was “destroying” his home.

Thursday, March 10

100 block of Lange Way – A girl was receiving unwanted text messages.

Intersection of Farm Road 455 and Farm Road 51 – A man was dumping shingles into a hole in the parking lot of a business. He was told to take them to the dump.

100 block of County Road 1111 – A vehicle was shot by an unknown suspect.

Tuesday, March 8

200 block of Heather Lane – A woman reported that someone tried to plant drugs on her daughter.

600 block of Mesa Ridge – Two trailers were stolen.

1900 block of U.S. 380 East – A storage building was burglarized.

400 block of County Road 1695 – A man accidentally shot himself in the leg.

12600 block of Forest Lawn Road – A verbal disturbance occurred between a couple due to the woman not attending a counseling session.

200 block of County Road 3672 – A man got upset when his wife turned the ceiling fan on.

Monday, March 7

500 block of Private Road 4906 – A rock was thrown through a window.

500 block of Burke Street – A girl was throwing a fit because her mom took her cell phone away.

300 block of N. Hovey Street – A woman complained that her husband wouldn’t take her to a doctor’s appointment.

900 block of Farm Road 2210 – A woman reported that her husband was drunk and argumentative. The couple agreed to separate for the evening.

300 block of County Road 2822 – A man reported that people were trespassing on his property. Upon further investigation, deputies discovered that the complainant had aimed a pistol at the alleged trespassers who were actually still on their own property.

Saturday, March 5

200 block of E. 4th Street – A woman complained that her cousin was smoking K2 in her house.

200 block of County Road 3799 – A man reported that his ex-wife shoved a Ding Dong in his face.

100 block of Private Road 4686 – Outlet covers were stolen from the walls of a house.

200 block of S. Oneil Street – A missing child was found hiding under the house.

8800 block of Farm Road 730 – A stolen track hoe was found in Tarrant County.

Thursday, March 3

100 block of Hawkins Way – A couple got into a verbal dispute because the husband’s parents were coming to visit.

300 block of County Road 4874 – A man was arrested for putting a family member in a headlock.

200 block of County Road 4847 – A woman locked her husband and son out of the house after they went out shopping.

100 block of Eagle Point North – Eight minors were arrested for underage drinking at a party. Another subject was arrested for furnishing alcohol to the minors.

Wednesday, March 2

County Road 4511 – More than 170 barrels of oil were stolen from a well site.

Wise Regional Emergency Room – A woman reported that she was assaulted by her boyfriend and his mother. She declined to file charges.

1000 block of U.S. 287 North – An upset customer punched out a window at a restaurant.