Thursday, Feb. 10

200 BLOCK OF 5TH AVENUE, PARADISE – A landlord reported missing anchor bolts and believed the renters took them.

400 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3355 – A person claimed to be receiving text messages from law enforcement.

800 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 3624 – A resident advised a trash truck continuously drives fast on his private road.

Tuesday, Feb. 8

200 block of County Road 4713 – A man’s horse was shot in the face. He later reported that a second horse died of grief after the other was shot.

400 block of County Road 2395 – A dog was stolen from a residence.

300 block of County Road 4874 – A dirt bike was stolen off a front porch.

100 block of Griffin – Copper wire was stolen from property.

1700 block of Farm Road 730 – A woman received harassing e-mails from her husband’s ex-wife.

200 block of Private Road 1307 – A woman was scared of her common-law husband.

200 block of County Road 2225 – A man was observed running from a barn.

Monday, Feb. 7

100 block of Private Road 4644 – A woman reported that someone entered her home and “changed things” on her computer.

2500 block of Farm Road 2576 – A woman was assaulted by her boyfriend in the front yard.

900 block of S. Wickham – A suspicious person was walking around the neighborhood trying to get residents to change power companies.

Sunday, Feb. 6

200 block of County Road 4858 – A man’s brother-in-law allegedly burglarized his home.

400 block of Private Road 2628 – A mailbox was stolen.

600 block of County Road 3840 – A mother got into a verbal dispute with her son over dirty dishes.

100 block of Private Road 1512 – A man reported that his sister wouldn’t stop yelling at him.

200 block of Private Road 4476 – A woman reported that a neighbor’s dog is killing her chickens, and their children throw rocks at her goats.

Saturday, Feb. 5

100 block of County Road 4869 – A woman was being harassed on Facebook.

100 block of Briar Oaks – Two juveniles got into a physical altercation after a snowball fight got out of hand.

100 block of Skyway Drive – A trailer and three riding mowers were stolen from a home.

300 block of Hount Street – Thirteen air conditioner coils and a barrel full of scrap copper were stolen.

800 block of Farm Road 718 – Several items were stolen from the bed of a pickup truck.

200 block of Prairie Trail – A man’s ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend wanted to beat him up.

2000 block of Illinois Street – The theft of a 12-pack of beer from a convenience store resulted in a DWI arrest.

Saturday, Jan. 29

500 block of County Road 1111 – A suspicious person was cutting limbs from a tree.

100 block of Cattleman’s Creek Drive – A man filed a missing person report after not seeing his wife for two days.

200 block of Luke Road – A mailbox was shot several times.

100 block of Private Road 3372 – A man complained about text messages he keeps getting from his ex-girlfriend.

300 block of County Road 1749 – Jewelry, guns and electronics were stolen from a residence.

2000 block of Preskitt Road – Hair was cut off a horse’s tail.