Thursday, Jan. 27

6400 block of Farm Road 1810 – A vehicle was burglarized.

300 block of West Franklin – A man was being harassed by his ex-wife.

12900 block of Carpenter – A girl received harassing text messages while at school.

100 block of Private Road 4905 – A man parked his vehicle partially in the roadway to slow down tanker trucks driving by his home.

600 block of East Franklin – An intoxicated female was found passed out in the weeds.

200 block of County Road 4864 – A couple reported that their son called them and said he “prayed for demons to take them to hell.”

Tuesday, Jan. 25

100 block of Smokehouse Court – A man followed a speeding vehicle. He reported that the driver of the speeding car possibly pointed a gun at him during the pursuit.

3000 block of Farm Road 2264 – A home was burglarized.

100 block of North Wickham – A man found items taken from one of his rental houses at a nearby resale shop.

1400 block of Cuba Road – A screen door was riddled with rat shot.

200 block of Brammer Road – An unknown suspect opened a mailbox.

Monday, Jan. 24

Intersection of Farm Road 2123 and County Road 3540 – A man left his truck parked on the side of the road. When he returned to get it, he found a strange man inside of it.

100 block of Watering Hole – A home was burglarized.

12300 block of Arbor Lake Road – A complainant said loud noise was coming from a drilling rig.

Intersection of U.S. 81/287 and Texas 114 – A woman said she saw a dead body rolled up in carpet. Upon further investigation it was only discarded insulation.

100 block of U.S. 380 – A deputy heard what sounded like automatic rifle fire coming from a restaurant. He found the owner trying to kill a skunk that was lingering near the business.

100 block of Buffalo Ridge Road – A man saw an unknown male suspect running from his vehicle. Believing the man was a burglar, he attempted to subdue him but was punched in the face and the suspect escaped. Nothing was missing from the vehicle.

U.S. 81/287 near Alvord – A woman heard that her son was stabbed in the stomach by his girlfriend while they were traveling in a car. The vehicle was located, and it was discovered the son had sent untrue text messages to his mother’s boyfriend.

Sunday, Jan. 23

3000 block of Farm Road 920 – Mailboxes were damaged.

200 block of County Road 4838 – Paintballs were fired at a residence.

1000 block of County Road 4679 – A man found beheaded cats and birds in a church parking lot.

Intersection of U.S. 81/287 and County Road 4421 – Four occupants of a vehicle were arrested for possession of 2 to 4 ounces of marijuana.

Saturday, Jan. 22

100 block of County Road 3198 – Unknown suspects attempted to steal fence posts.

300 block of W. Franklin Street – A complainant was receiving harassing text messages from someone claiming to be a “detective.”

500 block of Central Avenue – A subject was transported to a Fort Worth hospital after being punched and kicked in the face.

Friday, Jan. 21

200 block of W. Lamar – A woman gave a check to someone to pay her bills while she was in jail. The bills weren’t paid, and she wants to file a report.

200 block of Rolling Plains Drive – A man was arrested for threatening to assault his grandmother’s boyfriend.

100 block of County Road 1749 – An all-terrain vehicle was stolen from a residence.

1000 block of U.S. 81/287 West Bypass – A student possessed a prescription drug without the proper documentation.

Intersection of U.S. 81/287 and Farm Road 407 – Diesel fuel, chains and propane tanks were stolen from a natural gas well site.

Wednesday, Jan. 19

2900 block of U.S. 380 West – An iPhone was stolen at a day care.

600 block of Pettit Street – A man reported a missing person. He had not heard from his son since Thanksgiving 2009.

200 block of Private Road 2358 – Someone diluted a woman’s medication and stole her gold coins.

200 block of County Road 3550 – A dirt bike was reported stolen.

100 block of County Road 4899 – A tail light was stolen off a vehicle.

300 block of County Road 4783 – A man was receiving text messages from an unknown suspect wanting to fight.