Monday, Nov. 29

100 block of Metro Tex – Rocks and tomatoes were thrown at a business.

Intersection of Texas 114 and U.S. 81/287 – Six batteries were stolen from seismic vehicles.

400 block of Sandy Bass Lane – A woman was packing to leave for Mexico, and she discovered her residence card was missing.

100 block of Private Road 3797 – Two sisters got into a fight over property. One was arrested for assault.

200 block of Rook Ramsey – A credit card was stolen and used at Dollar General in Newark.

Sunday, Nov. 28

300 block of W. Franklin – A girl was upset that her mom would not let her spend the night with her boyfriend anymore.

200 block of Texas 114 West – A man reported that he was having problems with his wife because she has mental issues.

200 block of Private Road 4909 – A woman reported that her neighbor’s pit bulls kept coming over.

4100 block of County Road 2690 – A woman said she was assaulted in Alvord.

300 block of County Road 4890 – Vicodin was stolen from a woman’s cupboard while she was out of town.

1500 block of Texas 101 North – An unknown suspect entered a woman’s barn.

Friday, Nov. 26

500 block of Old Reunion Road – A woman believed minors were drinking at her home while she was out of town. Deputies responded and arrested several minors for alcohol possession and intoxication.

800 block of County Road 3592 – A man reported that his neighbor cursed at him and threatened to shoot him. A deputy determined that the neighbor was hunting on his own property. He was concerned he might have mistakenly shot the complainant when he heard movement in the bushes.

500 block of Private Road 4732 – Several cows were running loose in the neighborhood. The deputy discovered that the cows’ stock tank was empty, and the animals were looking for something to drink.

300 block of County Road 4851 – A man was outside arguing with his trash can. He was arrested for public intoxication.