Monday, Dec. 20

Deep Creek Cemetery – Unidentified vandals knocked over and damaged up to 100 headstones at the cemetery.

5900 block of U.S. 287 – Money was stolen from a woman’s purse.

100 block of Private Road 2375 – A woman was punched and choked by a man with marijuana.

1100 block of 15th Street – A man borrowed a car from his girlfriend and didn’t return it.

Intersection of Farm Road 718 and Rhett Court – A man drove up to a rural mail carrier and threw a rock through his rear window.

Sunday, Dec. 19

400 block of Woody Drive – A man was stealing scrap metal.

500 block of Burke Street – An “ex-stalker” arrived at a woman’s residence.

200 block of Private Road 3630 – The neighbor’s dogs attacked a man’s dogs.

400 block of Post Oak Lane – A big screen television was stolen from a residence.

Friday, Dec. 17

2000 block of Illinois Street – An unidentified man stole beer from a store.

Intersection of Farm Roads 1810 and 1655 – A man wrecked his vehicle into a creek and was subsequently arrested for a DWI.

200 block of W. Aurora Vista – A woman believes neighbors are out to get her and her dog.

500 block of County Road 4681 – Four people were arrested for underage drinking at a party.

Intersection of Farm Road 455 and County Road 2937 – Copper wire was stolen from a gas well site.

200 block of Private Road 4435 – An 11-year-old was playing with fire.

300 block of County Road 3799 – A woman was threatening to beat up everyone at a house she was at. Deputies arrived at the scene. The woman was tazed and arrested for possession of a controlled substance.

Tuesday, Dec. 14

300 block of County Road 2755 – A woman argued with her husband because he was out too late.

300 block of S. Weatherford – A woman is receiving harassing text messages from her ex-husband.

100 block of County Road 4876 – Christmas lights were stolen off a house.

200 block of Alvord Street – Two firearms were stolen from the back of a vehicle.

1800 block of County Road 2690 – A lock on a gate was found cut.

Monday, Dec. 13

1600 block of Pioneer Road – A subject drove through a man’s fence, leaving their license plate behind. The subject agreed to pay for the damages.

500 block of County Road 2228 – A man received a call claiming he had won $450,000 from Publisher’s Clearing House. He reported it as a scam.

400 block of County Road 4421 – A man allegedly shoved his wife on the ground, tore up the house and then started a grass fire that crossed three property lines and burned up a neighbor’s shed. The man was arrested for assault and is being investigated by the fire marshal.

County Road 4925 – Fuel, motor oil and a propane tank were stolen from a gas well site.

Farm Road 2264 – Fuel, motor oil and a propane tank were stolen from a gas well site.

Sunday, Dec. 12

1600 block of Hickory – A paralyzed woman fell out of her bed and laid there for two days. The home health care attendant, who is supposed to make daily visits, hadn’t stopped by in three days.

300 block of Marshal Street – Two men were seen running out of a shed. No items were stolen.

100 block of Private Road 3387 – A man’s dog was attacked by his neighbor’s dog.

400 block of County Road 3798 – A game camera was stolen but later returned.