Monday, Nov. 22

1200 block of County Road 1326 – A mother and daughter got into a civil dispute over chores. The daughter was hit in the nose. She then fled the residence on foot.

1500 block of Texas 101 – A male suspect banged on a woman’s windows and tried to get inside the residence.

300 block of Strawberry Lane – A man reported that a neighbor was backing up a trailer, and the trailer’s tires crossed over his property line.

Sunday, Nov. 21

1600 block of Trinity Materials Access Road – A hunter killed a dog. He then reported that the dog’s owner threatened him with a knife.

200 block of County Road 3389 – A 4-year-old horse was stolen.

100 block of Pond View Court – A woman was threatened by a mentally unstable neighbor.

100 block of Angus Court – A rifle accidentally discharged. The shot resulted in a minor injury to a friend.

100 block of County Road 3225 – Unknown suspect stole 15 pieces of scrap metal from a residence.

500 block of Wise Street – A woman was allegedly choked and thrown to the ground by her boyfriend.

100 block of Private Road 4228 – Unknown suspect or suspects burglarized a business. They stole televisions and bedding from several horse trailers.

Saturday, Nov. 20

9800 block of Texas 199 – Deputies responded to a verbal dispute between former roommates. One allegedly damaged the other’s property.

300 block of Pecan Street – A man reported that his neighbor’s dogs attacked his son while the son was trying to defend his own dog.

Intersection of Farm Road 718 and Texas 114 – Unknown suspects burglarized several hundred dollars worth of cigarette cartons.

600 block of Berke Street – A vehicle was burglarized.

100 block of County Road 4840 – A vehicle was  burglarized.

Thursday, Nov. 18

100 block of Hawkridge Drive – A man reported that his wife pistol-whipped him while telling him over and over that she was going to kill him.

200 block of Private Road 1509 – A man attempted to buy a vehicle through eBay, an online auction website. He said he paid almost $3,000 and never received the vehicle.

800 block of County Road 2391 – A man said he returned home and found his neighbor in his yard “performing inappropriate acts with his dog.”

Wednesday, Nov. 17

1200 block of County Road 4360 – A man reported that he had not heard from or been able to make contact with a friend for four to five weeks. Deputies approached the home of the friend and smelled a foul odor. They found a man dead inside.

200 block of W. Washington – A man said his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend threatened to “blow his head off with a 9 mm.”

1000 block of Old Decatur Road – An oil and gas separator was stolen.

9800 block of Texas 199 – A woman loaned her friend a vehicle. The friend has refused to return the car.

200 block of School House Road – A woman reported a terroristic threat. She said that a man she knows drove into her driveway, pointed at her and then left.

Sunday, Nov. 7

1200 block of Private Road 4011 – A bipolar husband had a conflict with a bipolar mother-in-law. They were separated for the night.

600 block of Indian Trail – A woman called 911 and reported a case of domestic violence after she heard horrible screams coming from a neighbor’s house. Deputies arrived to find a man yelling at his television. He was watching the Dallas Cowboys game.

200 block of Spring Valley Road – Deputies responded to a domestic disturbance call. A married couple was arguing over finances. The wife would not give her husband back the remote to the television because she had paid the cable bill. Alcohol was involved. The husband agreed to leave for the night.

100 block of Buffalo Ridge – A man yelled at his girlfriend’s ex-husband for beating on the front door. The ex-husband was dropping off a child.

Friday, Nov. 5

100 block of Strawberry Lane – A man who works out of town returned home to find his residence broken into and several items damaged. He thinks the suspect is a woman who keeps leaving harassing messages on his phone. He allowed her to live at his place until she could find a job.

100 block of Private Road 2328 – A woman reported that an older boy is threatening her 14-year-old son at church and school.

500 block of County Road 3198 – A woman who had been drinking arrived at her home where she found her ex-husband hanging out with one of her friends. The ex-husband and friend agreed to leave the residence.