Tuesday, Oct. 12

135 County Road 4847 – A person reported that the pole in their yard that they tie the dog to was stolen.

4638 Farm Road 2264 – A man said his uncle ripped the wires out of his mother’s car and was stalking his girlfriend.

211 W. Franklin Street – A man said someone was trying to drill into the side of his house.

1987 N. U.S. Highway 287 – A man reported that his wife’s wedding ring was stolen about six months ago.

108 W. Kentucky – A man said a person from a previous fight was now walking by and cursing at him.

518 Wise Street – A woman was concerned because some family members were slandering her name on Facebook. She wanted to know what to do.

106 Private Road 1308 – A woman said she is receiving text messages of a sexual nature.

Sunday, Oct. 10

721 County Road 2720 – A woman said she is divorced and her husband came to her residence when he discovered she was not home with the children. He came and got the children.

970 County Road 3390 – A man’s deck was burned, and he believed his son, who lives with him, did it. The son denied the incident.

12113 Arbor Lake Road – A woman said she had a fistfight with her father, and he kicked her out in the front yard. She called the police on her sister’s phone.

No address – A woman said she had been reported as a missing person. She said she was fine and should be removed from the system.

Thursday, Oct. 7

County Road 2323 C.B. Hoyl #1 Devon Lease – Copper and tools were stolen from a storage building.

724 Farm Road 2048 – A man’s pickup was stolen while he was in Mexico. His insurance company wanted the theft documented with U.S. authorities.

2274 County Road 3250 – A dirt bike was stolen from the location during a disturbance.

Friday, Oct. 1

200 block of Rook Ramsey Drive – A woman received a text message from her estranged husband threatening the man who is currently staying with her. The man said once he sobered up he would come into the department and file a terroristic threat report against the estranged husband.

100 block of Private Road 4901 – A man broke out the windshield of his father’s car.

100 block of Griffin Street – An unknown suspect on a four-wheeler was attempting to steal a smoker from someone’s house.

200 block of W. Washington – A man was receiving threatening text messages from his ex-wife.

100 block of Private Road 1183 – A man reported that his mailbox had been damaged three times, and he was missing some mail.

600 block of Heritage Creek Drive – A pack of dogs was reportedly killing sheep. The owner of the dogs received a citation.