Wednesday, Oct. 27

100 block of Prairie Trail – A man living in the Newark area said his porch was stolen.

200 block of Private Road 4721 – Neighbors are engaged in an ongoing property line dispute. One of the neighbors was accused of moving the fence and poles.

Newark Boat Ramp – An intoxicated female was seen rolling around on picnic tables.

Tuesday, Oct. 26

3900 block of U.S. 287 – A laptop and $200 were stolen from a business.

2300 block of Farm Road 1655 – A four-wheeler was stolen.

400 block of Coyote Trail – A prowler was reported, but the complainant was over-medicated and hallucinating.

1400 block of County Road 3690 – A woman threw water on her husband and then an iron at him. He retaliated by hitting her in the head. No charges were filed.

Saturday, Oct. 23

Shale Creek Community Center – A window was broken out and two lawn chairs were damaged.

100 block of Private Road 1115 – An elderly woman was found dead in a car. She had ridden in the car as a passenger with other family members all the way from Illinois, but they didn’t realize she had died until they made it to a house in Wise County. It’s unknown where on the trip she passed away.

200 block of Farm Road 1658 – A pair of tires and wheels were stolen from a utility trailer.

100 block of Bass Lane – A man said he was assaulted by his fiance’s ex-boyfriend. There were no signs of injuries, and no charges were filed.

Tuesday, Oct. 19

100 block of Robinson Road – A woman reported that her husband took $300 from her car. No charges were filed.

200 block of County Road 1301 – A man went to pick up his child from his ex-wife, and she allegedly hit him in the chest.

1400 block of Cuba Road – A man punched holes in the wall of a woman’s house.

200 block of County Road 4838 – A 16-year-old male punched his foster mother in the face and fled the scene.

Saturday, Oct. 16

1900 block of Doctors’ Hospital Drive – Two children were playing with knives, and one was accidentally stabbed in the leg.

600 block of Medical Center Drive – A 17-year-old said his father hit him in the back of the head during an argument. No charges were filed.

300 block of Private Road 4823 – An ex-boyfriend allegedly kicked in a woman’s door.

100 block of Chisholm Hill Court – A boat, boat motor, trailer and various tools were reported stolen.

Friday, Oct. 15

200 block of Latham Lane – Unknown suspect attempted to pry their way into a home, but was unsuccessful.

100 block of Northern Lights Court – A woman was receiving harassing text messages from her ex-husband.

200 block of County Road 3515 – A man got into an argument with his younger brother for being unemployed. Alcohol was involved. The brothers agreed to separate for the night.

600 block of West Elm – Dispatch received a medical call about a 26-year-old man who was having trouble breathing. The caller hung up on dispatch during the call so deputies went to investigate. Upon arrival they found drug paraphernalia in plain sight. Upon further investigation they found a pair of marijuana plants growing in the apartment.

3000 block of Farm Road 2265 – A complainant reported that members of her family had been murdered in Mexico by a drug cartel. The cartel had warned that they were coming after the rest of the family living in the United States.

300 block of County Road 2723 – A woman reported that a neighbor shot her cat.

100 block of County Road 1790 – An unknown suspect had broken into a dead woman’s house, stolen a checkbook and was attempting to cash checks from her account.

500 block of Derting Road – Three-hundred feet of copper wire was stolen from a property.

Thursday, Oct. 14

1200 block of County Road 4530 – Deputies investigated a possible burglary. The subjects turned out to be contractors for a foreclosure company, but two of them had outstanding warrants and were arrested at the scene.

100 block of County Road 3678 – A man reported that his wife punched him in the stomach for bringing a puppy home for their child.

400 block of Big Salty Drive – A man got his gun out because he thought someone was stealing his vehicle. It was the repo company.

Central Avenue – Two men were fighting in front of Newark Apartments.

200 block of Main Street – A stolen vehicle was located at the Paradise Post Office.