Tuesday, Sept. 21

200 block of Rhett Court – A man reported that a neighbor shot his dog. The neighbor said he shot the dog after it attacked his dog.

100 block of PR 4435 – Two girls were mad at each other after one put a “snide” comment on the other’s Facebook page.

100 block of  PR 1323 – A man reported that his wife was acting strange. MHMR arrived and told the woman she needed to go to bed or go to Wichita Falls. She chose the bed.

Monday, Sept. 20

300 block of CR 4790 – A “soon to be ex-wife” reportedly broke into a residence and took her jewelry box and clothing. The suspect left a note reading, “if you leave me keys I wouldn’t have to break in to get my stuff.”

200 block of CR 4859 – A man accused his wife of cheating and threw her clothing into the yard. The couple was separated for the evening.

200 block of Texas 114 – A woman going through a divorce received a threatening text message from her husband. It read, “You will get yours.”

1500 block of Hickory Street – A man reported that his daughter threatened to harm him and his son.

100 block of CR 3743 – A woman was driving down the road when she noticed her son was having phone sex with a female via text messages. After being caught by his mom, the boy jumped out of the vehicle and ran away.

Sunday, Sept. 19

100 block of CR 4795 – A woman reported that a 14-year-old girl stole clothing and jewelry. No charges were filed.

100 block of CR 4870 – A man was threatened with assault at Eagle Grocery by an unknown adult male.

100 block of Bluebonnet Drive – An unknown subject performed a series of doughnuts in a woman’s vacant lot.

100 block of Chisholm Court – A four-wheeler driven by an unknown subject plowed through a homeowner’s fence.