Saturday, Jan. 16

100 block of Timber Ridge Circle – A 12-gauge shotgun was stolen from a garage.

200 block of N. Trappier St. – A man was throwing rocks at the windows of a vacant home.

100 block of E. Pine St. – A man reported his pickup was taken from his home without permission. It was found at First Baptist Church.

100 block of CR 1260 – A man told a woman that if she was at a residence when he arrived, there would be “Hell to pay!”

200 block of Hilltop Trail – A woman reported that her ex-husband came to her home and poured antifreeze on her vehicle.

Windmill Trails – A man was walking around and waving his arms in the air. He was arrested for public intoxication.

300 block of N. Buffalo St. – A woman was receiving unwanted text messages from her ex-husband.

100 block of CR 4876 – Two males in a vehicle blasted a shotgun at a residence.

200 block of Main St. – Someone burglarized Total Domination Gym. They stole the stereo system.

300 block of Fossil Ridge Road – Man reported that oilfield trucks were driving recklessly.

500 block of CR 2896 – A woman believes people are prowling around her residence every night.

2000 block of CR 3791 – A man was arrested for stealing scrap metal from private property.

100 block of CR 4471 – A woman grabbed her mother by the hair and punched her in the back of the head because she wanted to take her grandchildren to town. The assailant was arrested.

800 block of CR 1860 – A man reported that his pickup was stolen. It turned out his son took it out the night before and crashed it into a road sign a couple of miles from home.

Thursday, Jan. 14

500 block of CR 1180 – A man reported that someone peeled out in his driveway.

100 block of E. Elm St. – An open door and a large hole was found through a wall at a building supply store.

100 block of Illinois Lane – A woman stole an $11 bottle of liquor.

200 block of Brighton Oaks Drive – A man returned home and found an empty Dr Pepper bottle lying on his living room floor.

Tuesday, Jan. 12

200 block of CR 1651 – A man said he came home after partying with some “friends.” Once they got to his house, they beat him up and stole his Xbox video game console.

100 block of  CR 4852 – A man was seen choking a woman. The suspect was later found hanging out at Grandy’s in Rhome where he was arrested for outstanding warrants.

100 block of CR 4857 – A woman advised that her son is regularly jumped walking home from the bus stop by a gang of children, ranging in age from nine to 12.

200 block of CR 4852 – A 15-year-old girl punched a hole in the wall after her mother took away her Wii video game console for not cleaning the kitchen. The deputy advised her “to find other ways to relieve stress.”

1200 block of Central Avenue – An unknown suspect continually sneaks into a home being remodeled and sleeps in the closet.

700 block of PR 4732 – A man reported that he was arrested in Keller last week. He said the officers stole the “secret code off his cell phone.” He also accused them of “farting” in his face as he sat in the back of the patrol car.

Saturday, Jan. 9

10000 block of FM 51 South – Someone driving a silver Dodge pickup used bolt cutters to cut the lock to a gate leading onto church property. They took no items, and there was no other property damage.

400 block of CR 4679 – An unknown suspect attempted to pry their way into a church. No suspects were located.

100 block of PR 1308 – A mom discovered her son had burglarized a neighbor’s residence. She called the sheriff’s department. The neighbor chose not press charges because “boys will be boys.”

1400 block of CR 3250 – A complainant witnessed two males in a vehicle smashing mailboxes. The deputy found many damaged mailboxes in the area, but the suspect vehicle was not located.

100 block of PR 1493 – Three jewelry boxes were stolen from a residence.

Tuesday, Jan. 5

2200 block of CR 3701 – A burglary was reported at a residence.

100 block of PR 4439 – A woman punched her husband in the mouth because he wanted to take their kids hunting. He decided not to press charges.

100 N. Wickham St. – Change and jewelry were stolen from a business.

800 block of Spring Valley Road – A home was burglarized. Cash, guns, a Nintendo Wii console and video games were stolen.

600 block of CR 3555 – A home was burglarized. Stolen items included a large amount of jewelry, a Nintendo Wii console, video games, two laptop computers, a small welder and a camera.

Sunday, Jan. 3

300 block of CR 3661 – A man believed someone shot and killed his donkey. Deputy found no bullet holes.

Intersection of CR 3550 and FM 2123 – Deputy pulled over Michael J. Finley, 34, and found he was driving with a suspended license. After conducting a vehicle inventory, deputies found marijuana, methamphetamine, oxycotin and stack of stolen items including jewelry and DVDs. He is still being held in Wise County Jail on a $16,000 bond.

100 block of Branding Iron Road – A depressed man swallowed 82 alprazolam. He was transported to the hospital.

100 block of Legendary Court – A husband and wife were involved “in a mutual combat situation yesterday.”

100 block of PR 3377 – A television was stolen from an RV.

300 block of Branding Iron Road – Two men were threatening each other with text messages over a personal property dispute. They were instructed not to contact each other.

300 block of Cedar Drive – An unknown suspect smashed out the back window of a truck and stole a man’s amplifier.

300 block of New Field Lane – Man reported his neighbors were driving along the fence line spooking his cattle, cussing at him and shooting him “the bird.”

1100 block of CR 1660 – A young woman reported that she was seeing people stealing items from her shed. The woman’s mother told the deputy no one was in the shed and her daughter was hallucinating. The daughter was then arrested for an outstanding warrant.

100 block of CR 4875 – Woman reported that her stepfather gave her an overdose of morphine.

Tuesday, Dec. 29

800 El Camino Real – A disturbance occurred between a man and two women.

100 block of PR 4439 – A man threatened to shoot two kids he saw jogging on his property. He said he would shoot them if he ever saw them on his property again. The man with the gun and the father of the kids both wanted the incident documented.

1300 block of CR 3655 – A suspect entered a residence and stole a laptop, DVDs and a quarter collection.

200 block of Rook Ramsey Drive – A woman reported that her ex-husband’s ex-wife took her purse and jacket without permission.

Friday, Dec. 25

400 block of CR 3838 – A man reported he received threatening phone calls from his ex-girlfriend.

600 block of  PR 4609 – A mother went into an anxiety attack after watching her sons practice karate.

2000 block of U.S. 287 N – Two white males attempted to use fake IDs at a bar.

100 block of PR 4831 – A woman advised that a female suspect sent her an e-mail claiming she was going to come over and kick her (butt).

100 block of CR 4591 – An unknown suspect was shining a flashlight into a residence.

900 block of CR 3673 – A burglar broke into a home and stole a family’s Christmas presents.

800 block of W. State St. – An unknown suspect in a white, four-door pickup stole $43.06 of gas.

100 block of PR 4827 – A man received threatening phone calls from a white male known only as Harold. Harold threatened to “smash his face in.”

4300 block of Old Denton Highway – A mailbox was smashed.

100 block of Aydelotte Court – An aggressive pit bull was chasing people around the neighborhood. The owner received a pair of citations.

300 block of Norton – Unknown suspects were throwing parties in an abandoned trailer home.

300 block off Woody – Oilfield trucks pushed over a man’s fence posts.

500 block of Oak Hills – A wedding ring was stolen from a residence.

500 block of Shady Oaks – A woman went to a trailer home to collect money owed to her. Instead of receiving money, the suspect exposed his penis to her. No charges were filed.

6700 block of FM 2123 – An unknown suspect attempted to break into a  grocery store, but failed.

Shale Creek Community Center – Unknown suspects broke into the weight room and kicked holes in the wall and poked holes in the ceiling.

100 block of CR 4860 – A deputy pulled over a man driving a dirt bike on a county road. The bike proved to be stolen, and the man also possessed less than a gram of crystal meth. He was transported to jail, where he is being held on a $25,000 bond.