Monday, Dec. 21

100 block of CR 4863 – A man was assaulted by his uncle.

300 block of PR 4437 – Two girls were harassing each other via text messages calls.

100 block of PR 2201 – Several winches were stolen from a work site.

1600 block of Salt Creek Road – A man returned home from work in the middle of the afternoon and discovered someone had broken out a front window of his house. A pistol and a television had been stolen.

300 block of CR 4925 – A woman advised her cat was missing. She found it shot dead in the middle of the street. The large cat had “tall pointed ears, a bobbed tail and was striped.”

2000 block of Illinois Lane – A man entered a gas station and started kicking items over and “tearing up the store.” He was placed in leg shackles and transported to Wise Regional.

Saturday, Dec. 19

700 block of W. Lamar St. – Three teenagers in a small white passenger car parked in front of a woman’s residence “and started singing a song in a very harassing manner.”

400 block of CR 4591 – Two unknown suspects circled a home in a go kart and pelted the residence with paintballs.

200 block of Chisholm Hills Drive – Pigs escaped from their pen.

1800 block of FM 1810 – Family members were arguing about not wanting to continue working in the family business. One was threatened to be left out of the father’s will.

1000 block of CR 4698 – A couple got into an argument because the man was leaving and taking the space heaters with him. When the deputy arrived they found out the woman had an outstanding arrest warrant. Upon this discovery, the female had a seizure.

100 block of Tablesalt Court – A bicycle and a toy dump truck were stolen from a yard.

100 block of School House Road – A passerby found an 18-month-old boy wandering by the road. The boy was safely returned home.

Friday, Dec. 18

200 block of PR 3666 – A 14-year-old female was seen driving a car recklessly up and down the road.

Countryside Baptist Church – Unknown suspect(s) broke into church and stole electronic equipment, musical instruments and a heater.

300 block of PR 4440 – A woman was assaulted by her ex-husband’s girlfriend.

4200 block of U.S. 380 – A male went to a church and asked to use the telephone. He was asked to leave, at which point he denounced the church’s Christianity.

FM 920, south of Bridgeport – A man reported that someone busted out one of his car windows as he was driving.

Intersection of FM 51 and FM 2123 – Someone stole lights off construction equipment.

Saturday, Dec. 12

3000 block of CR 2320 – A generator was stolen from the back of a vehicle during the night.

1700 block of Old Denton Highway – Someone broke a into a business and went through employee files.

100 block of Marsh Salt Court – An intruder entered a vacant home and built a fire in the fireplace.

1900 block of CR 1560 – A man reported that someone left his mailbox open.

15600 block of Flow Road – Property owner reported someone drove through his fence.

200 block of Rook Ramsey Road – A man reported that he lost his cell phone while hunting.

9000 block of FM 1810 – Someone drove through a fence. A license plate was found at the scene.

2300 block of Texas 114 E – A passerby observed an intoxicated woman tangled in a barbed wire fence. She was uninjured and a family member took custody of her.

100 block of Lange Way – A father complained of a son who continually sneaks out of the house. A deputy advised him of his rights to discipline his child.

100 block of CR 3593 – A residence was burglarized. Suspect(s) stole two televisions, guns, a laptop computer, DVD player and video games.

Friday, Dec. 11

2000 block of U.S. 287 N – A man and woman got into a physical disturbance at a restaurant/bar. The man was arrested for assault and the woman was arrested for outstanding warrants.

1300 block of CR 3838 – A man’s residence was burglarized. The suspect stole Christmas presents, televisions and a DVD player.

2500 block of Old Denton Highway – A woman received a telephone call. When she asked who the caller was, they cussed at her.

Wednesday, Dec. 9

600 block of Audra Circle – A victim received harassing text messages from an unknown sender.

700 block CR 3838 – A deputy responded to a loose livestock call. He ended up arresting a woman for public intoxication, failure to identify, resisting arrest and assault on a peace officer.

200 block of Ridge Trail – A homeowner advised that for the past three years, at this time of year, someone broke out the window of her rental house. This time, she found animal hair and blood splattered throughout the house.

Intersection of Texas 114 and Hitt Street – A suspect broke into a lube and car wash business by climbing in through the roof.

500 block of CR 1787 – A man slapped his wife in the face.

Sunday, Dec. 6

100 block of Rhetta St. – A couple going through a divorce was arguing over bills.

300 block of E. Kentucky St. – A woman reported that her husband’s truck was being held for ransom at a tattoo parlor.

1800 block of U.S. 287 North – A red flatbed trailer was reported stolen overnight.

300 block of Brock Lane – A pit bull attacked and killed a neighbor’s dog. The pit bull was taken into custody by an animal control officer. The pit bull’s owner requested that the dog be destroyed.

900 block of Park Road – A homeowner was upset that his neighbor’s dog kept killing his chickens.

100 block of CR 3504 – A mother reported that she was assaulted by her daughter.

6200 block of FM 51 – A couple got into an argument over finances.

1000 block of FM 1658 – Deputies responded to a civil dispute. A couple had broken up and were fighting over the Christmas tree and ornaments.