Monday, Oct. 19

400 block of Martindale – A man reported that a neighbor came onto his property and proceeded to rip out several solar panels. He then set the panels on the porch.

400 block of Sandy Bass Lane – A woman reported that she was assaulted by several other females.

200 block of PR 1543 – Unknown suspect or suspects entered a residence and stole a 42-inch plasma television.

100 blockĀ  of CR 4871 – A property owner informed a woman living in a bus on his land that she had to leave.

Friday, Oct. 16

1300 block of CR 4280 – A woman’s son came to her house and caused a “ruckus.”

3200 block of U.S. 287 N – Two neighbors were having a verbal dispute. One of them jumped into his pickup, did a donut in his own yard and slung mud across the fence and onto his neighbor. No charges were filed.

14000 block of Meadowland Drive – A woman reported that an unknown suspect somehow acquired her account number and proceeded to spend $950 at Walmart.

1000 block of CR 4270 – A man reported that he was assaulted at a party with underage drinkers. Deputies arrived and broke up the party. No charges filed.

300 block of CR 1646 – A man claimed he was going to commit suicide by shooting himself in the head. When he checked to see if the gun was loaded, he accidentally shot himself in the left foot. He was transported to Wise Regional Health System in Decatur.

1500 block of Hubbard Drive – Deputies assisted social workers with a woman who has been “conversing with her dead husband.”

Wednesday, Oct. 14

100 block of Deerfield Lane – Animal control responded to a report of two dogs fighting in the streets. The animals’ owners were located.

300 block of CR 4793 – A man reported that his daughter threatened him with a knife. The daughter was arrested for assault by threat. The father was also arrested. He had outstanding warrants.

400 block of CR 4757 – A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend sent threatening messages to her MySpace account, claiming he was going to kidnap and kill their child.

1500 block of Rogers Road – A man reported that a subject named Tyrone had called him numerous times. The man said he does not know a Tyrone.