Saturday, Oct. 31

100 block of CR 4630 – A man reported that he had let a friend borrow his car, and the friend failed to return it.

200 block of CR 4599 – A woman reported that her neighbor had shot and killed her dog. The neighbor admitted to killing the dog because it was in his front yard.

100 block of Clay Dent Court – A pair of men showed up at a residence and tried to get a man inside the home to fight them. The man stayed in his room while one of the suspects entered the residence and proceeded to steal a purse, iPod, camera, jacket and baseball cap. The suspects were later pulled over on a traffic stop, and all the stolen items were recovered.

Friday, Oct. 30

100 block of Griffin Road – An unknown suspect stripped the copper wire from a mobile home.

100 block of PR 3814 – An unknown suspect cut a woman’s fence and her cows briefly escaped.

100 block of N. Mount St. – Four juveniles in an SUV were seen speeding from a yard with a stolen Halloween decoration. Deputies located the juveniles and also found a skeleton stolen from another residence in the vehicle. The juveniles were released to their parents after the skeleton was returned.

Thursday, Oct. 29

800 block of CR 4421 – A man’s wife was “severely intoxicated and became belligerent after not getting her way.” She agreed to go stay with a friend.

200 block of CR 4869 – A man reported a suicide attempt after learning that his wife was lying in the bed and bleeding from her wrists. She said she was angry and punched out a window, but she didn’t mean to harm herself.

100 block of Salad Master Road – A man left his truck at a mechanic shop in April to have the engine replaced. The man ran out of money for the repair and did not visit the shop until last week. When he did, he found it had been stripped of its wheels, gas tank, transmission and stereo. The shop owner could not be located.

Wednesday, Oct. 28

100 block of Preskitt Road – A property owner reported that unknown suspects repeatedly drive through her barbed-wire fence.

200 block of PR 4434 – A deputy responded to a domestic violence call. The deputy found some broken household items but no evidence of assault. The couple was separated for the night.

300 block of CR 3849 – An unknown suspect or suspects stole tools, four wheelers and a trailer from a shop building.

200 block W. 5th Ave. – A child called 911 after he thought he saw his father drink poison. He had just taken a dose of cough syrup.

Monday, Oct. 26

200 block of Graham Road – An unknown suspect broke into a woman’s residence through the back door and stole her television.

100 block of CR 4871 – A complainant reported that a woman was living in a bus on her property without permission.

100 block of Elm Lane – Deputies were notified that a woman was walking her dog and carrying a gun. The weapon proved to be a BB gun.

Sunday, Oct. 25

6700 block of FM 51 North – An officer responded to a domestic disturbance.

100 block of PR 3560 – An officer responded to a domestic disturbance. One of the parties agreed to leave for the night.

1500 block of CR 1697 – Richard Branscum, 30, of Bridgeport was stopped for not wearing a seat belt and driving on the wrong side of the road. The deputy conducted a vehicle search and found methamphetamine. Branscum was arrested for possession of one to four grams of a controlled substance. He is being held in Wise County Jail on a $10,000 bond.

Saturday, Oct. 24

100 block of CR 4693 – A man was issued a criminal trespass warning after he entered his neighbor’s yard and turned off the flood lights. He told the deputy that the lights “were too bright for his party.”

100 block of PR 4411 – An Aubrey man reported that he was assaulted at a Halloween party.

100 block of PR 1512 – A husband and wife got into an argument. The husband then started slashing a tree with a machete. Deputies found alcohol was involved and separated the couple for the night.

9900 block of FM 730 – A man was issued a citation for assault by contact after an argument he was having with his neighbor over property boundaries got out of hand.

100 block of PR 3403 – A father and son who were running a business together decided to sever the partnership. The father was gathering some property from his son’s home and pointed a loaded pistol at his son during an argument.

3800 block of U.S. 287 North – An unknown suspect cut the lock on the gate at Mid-Western Mud Service Inc. and proceeded to steal a trailer from the yard.

2200 block of CR 1340 – A suspect has been breaking into a vacant home and using it as a “love shack.” The homeowner found a collection of used prophylactics at the property.

Thursday, Oct. 22

3900 block of FM 51 – Deputies arrived at a residence for a domestic disturbance where a belligerent man was allegedly shoving his girlfriend and her sister. Deputies had to drive stun him with a taser. He was taken to Wise Regional Health System before going to the county jail.

200 block of Quail Chase – A man reported that an unknown suspect had charged more than $1,400 of purchases at Bed, Bath and Beyond to his bank account.