Wednesday, Nov. 11

Lake Road RV Park – A drunk man arrived at a woman’s trailer and began causing a disturbance. He was criminally trespassed from the trailer.

100 block of Strawberry Lane – A woman reported that her trailer was stolen.

4100 block of CR 2690 – A neighbor’s dog bit a complainant’s cow on the leg.

200 block of Wild Horse Lane – A home owner reported that a man from Washington state has been calling him and threatening to blow up his house if he doesn’t hand over some money. The case is under investigation.

300 block of Chisholm Hills – A woman reported that a neighbor injured her dog’s leg.

Monday, Nov. 9

FM 1204 – An employee with Aruba Petroleum reported 171 barrels of oil were stolen from a tank battery site.

1000 block of FM 1810 – A man reported an unknown suspect drove through his fence.

800 block of CR 1300 – A man reported an unknown suspect drove through his fence.

Gentry Road – A woman reported a cement mixing truck had run her off the road.

100 block of PR 3627 – A complainant advised that the “tree huggers” next door have been dive bombing his deer feeders with radio-controlled planes because they think “deer hunting is mean.”

100 block of Bolt Court – An unknown suspect stole a complainant’s broken Nintendo Wii.

100 block of PR 1512 – A man was receiving threatening messages from his ex-friends.

200 block of CR 3681 – A man reported that someone hunting in the area shot his dog.

Friday, Nov. 6

2200 block of U.S. 380 – An unknown suspect or suspects used the security code and entered the yard of Falcon Technology. They proceeded to steal $20,000 in equipment including a welding truck and a pressure washer. A manager told the deputy that the company recently laid off more than 20 employees.

200 block of CR 1570 – A lit firecracker was placed in a woman’s mailbox.

100 block of PR 4732 – A deputy responded to a verbal disturbance. A couple was having an argument over trust issues.

900 block of CR 3798 – A woman received a phone call from someone claiming she was eligible for a $5,000 grant if she would first send $199 by Western Union to a company called United States Grants.

Thursday, Nov. 5

300 block of CR 2822 – A woman reported that her daughter is being harassed by an ex-boyfriend. No charges were filed.

1000 block of FM 1810 – A deputy found a dead cow laying in the middle of the road, blocking both lanes. An unoccupied van was found nearby with severe front end damage and a broken front windshield. Traces of blood were also spotted inside the van. The driver could not be located and the vehicle was impounded.

600 block of Newfield Lane – A woman reported that her ex-common law spouse punched her in the face and kicked her in the back. She chose not to file charges.

100 block of CR 4691 – A woman complained that her landlord turned off her electricity prior to evicting her.

100 block of PR 4711 – A woman reported that her 17-year-old son threatened to slit the throat of her and her boyfriend while they slept. The son went to go stay with an aunt for the night but jumped out of vehicle after getting into a verbal argument with her. Officers were unable to locate the teenager.

100 block of PR 3797 – A woman reported that an ex-boyfriend who recently moved out of the residence had entered her home without permission and stolen her bag and her roommate’s travel bags. Her roommate’s bag contained his cancer medicine.

200 block of CR 3503 – A pickup truck with a blown engine was stolen from the property. There are no suspects at this time.

200 block of Brighton Oaks Drive – A woman divorcing her common law husband went to stay in Lake Worth for a little while. When she returned to her home she found her common law husband there with a new girlfriend. The new couple was instructed to leave the residence.

2600 block of 3791 – A man arrived home from work and found his lawn care worker lying face down in the backyard. The man, Orville Jennings, 63, of Springtown collapsed and died while working.

Wednesday, Nov. 4

100 block of CR 4764 – Jewelry and change was reported stolen from a residence.

1000 block of U.S. 287 – An unknown suspect broke into a storage building and stole a 42-inch plasma television from Bono’s Restaurant.

100 Lone Tree Lane – A complainant advised that the neighbor’s kids are harassing her children.

2000 block of FM 407 – A man took too many Dilantins, an anti-epileptic drug. He was transported to Denton Presbyterian.

Monday, Nov. 2

100 block of CR 4691 – A woman reported that her landlord had been threatening her. An officer located cut wire and wire cutters outside the residence.

400 block of Sandy Bass Lane – An unknown suspect has repeatedly damaged a complainant’s vehicle.

700 block of CR 3336 – A woman reported that her mother slapped her.

2800 block of U.S. 380 – A woman reported she is receiving harassing text messages from another woman.

100 block of Judge Court – An unknown suspect damaged the fog lights on a complainant’s pickup truck.

100 block of FM 718 – A 14-foot pop-up camper was stolen from a woman’s front yard during the night.

200 block of Rook Ramsey Drive – A woman reported that her son-in-law stole several cell phone rebate cards and cashed them without permission.

Sunday, Nov. 1

100 block of Hilltop Trail – A man reported three doors were stolen from a rental house he owns.

600 block of Beyette St. – A man reported an unknown suspect stole a homemade utility trailer from his residence.

Intersection of U.S. 81/287 and FM 407 – A deputy pulled over a driver for reckless driving. While talking with the driver, another vehicle drove up behind the patrol car and then into the ditch before swerving and almost striking the deputy and his patrol vehicle. The female driver was removed from the vehicle and arrested for DWI.