Sunday, Feb. 22

1400 block of CR 3424 – A woman suffering a mental breakdown was plagued with auditory hallucinations.

100 block of CR 1639 – A man was arrested for an aggravated sexual assault warrant.

500 block of CR 1331 – An unknown suspect attempted to force open the back door of a residence.

100 block of FM 2048 – A man reported that someone had moved and damaged his tractor.

300 block of CR 4213 – A man reported that someone shot his dog.

1200 block of FM 1658 – Deputies responded to a call that the parents of four children were high on drugs and a danger to their children. Child Protective Services placed the children in the care of a relative.

600 block of CR 3840 – Several adults got into an argument because one man dropped his step-son off at school too early.

100 block of CR 3655 – A man found two calves slaughtered, with the meat harvested, on his property.

1400 block of U.S. 81/287 North – A suspect burglarized the toolbox in a vehicle parked at the U.S. Forest Service building.

Sunday, Feb. 21

600 block of W. Walnut St. – A home was burglarized. Suspect entered the residence through the back door and proceeded to steal money and jewelry

100 block of W. Kentucky St. – Woman reported a set of rims and tires stolen.

900 block of Park Road – A pair of men were arguing over a vehicle title.

3500 block of FM 730 – A mother was arguing with a man because he had corrected her children.

600 block of Rogers Road – A woman drank bleach in an attempt to kill herself. She was transported to Wise Regional Health System in Decatur.

100 block of PR 3360 – A man reported that someone stole his personal information to purchase a Yamaha.