Monday, April 5

Farm Road 407 – Diesel fuel was stolen from a work rig at an oilfield site north of FM 407 and west of U.S. 81/287

FM 2123 – The battery was stolen from a piece of TxDOT equipment parked on the road.

Sandy Bass Lane – Suspects in a brown car were stealing window air conditioning units from vacant homes.

100 block PR 3813 – A woman reported that evicted renters continually trespass on property.

2000 block CR 3657 – Complainants are building a home and reported that the contractor is taking materials they have already paid for.

Tuesday, March 30

300 block of Hovey St. – An elderly man harassed a 9-year-old boy when he got off the school bus.

200 block of Marshal Road – Several items were stolen from a pickup during the previous night.

400 block of CR 4591 – Every time a woman steps outside her neighbor harasses her. The parties were advised to not make contact with each other.

5300 block of U.S. 380 East – A woman found a strange “gentleman” sitting in a business vehicle on her property. He was arrested for outstanding warrants.

Sunday, March 28

1000 block of CR 1550 – A man called 911 and said someone was trying to enter the back door of his house. It was his cat.

700 block of CR 1560 – Two iPods were stolen from a car.

2200 block of FM 2264 – A deputy pulled over when he observed a man and a woman fighting on the side of the road. The man was arrested for operating a vehicle without a driver’s license.

600 block of U.S. 287 East Bypass – A home was burglarized. The suspect stole an antique slot machine and a coin collection.

1700 block of Texas 101 – A large knife and $12 in change was stolen from a vehicle.

Saturday, March 27

200 block of CR 4421 – A man reported that his wife took everything they owned from the house.

One mile north of the Texas 101 and U.S. 380 intersection – A driver picked up a hitchhiker and was robbed at knife point.

100 block of Illinois St. – A woman was caught stealing from a liquor store.

100 block of CR 4657 – A man reported that his girlfriend was drunk, causing a disturbance and trying to enter his house. She was arrested for possession of marijuana.

Friday, March 26

600 block of Elm Circle – An unknown suspect hurled a flaming Molotov cocktail at a Lake Bridgeport home. An intoxicated neighbor was questioned but denied any involvement. The bottle used was confiscated as evidence.

100 block of PR 3814 – A woman reported that her ex-boyfriend stole her rifle and cash. The man said that the lady had stolen some of his guns. The parties agreed to return the stolen items.

300 block of Cedar Street – A man choked his father. The victim declined to press charges.

100 block of FM 920 – A man reported that two people cussed at him.

Thursday, March 19

945 CR 4371 – A man said that someone is using his debit card to make purchases he did not authorize.

Rest area north of Decatur – A man was sleeping in his vehicle when an older male with a gray beard and leather jacket approached him and asked him if he wanted to have a good time. The man told the subject no and asked him to go away. The other man tried reaching through the window of the car. The man rolled up the window and drove away.

166 CR 4879 – A deputy went to a residence for a medical emergency. When she arrived, the medics had already left, and the patient started talking nonsense and walking around the house. She grabbed her 2-year-old daughter by the arms and jerked her out of a chair, causing the girl to scream. The woman was arrested and continued to cause problems in jail.

100 block PR 3806 – A man advised his 2008 Honda Fit was stolen sometime in the night.

One Stop in Runaway Bay – A man received a phone call from a private number announcing he had won $250,000. When he told the person to stop calling him, the person started cussing and yelling at him.

Sunday, March 14

Shell Station on U.S. 380 and FM 51 – Caller stated that a male and female were fighting in the parking lot then got into a black truck and sped away. The Denton County Sheriff’s Office stopped the vehicle at FM 156.

100 block PR 4731 – A woman said that a white pick-up driven by a man has been seen late at night on property located off South County Line Road. An elderly couple live at a residence on the property.

1100 CR 4360 – A woman reported that her IESI trash bin and mailbox had been stolen.

2121 FM 718 – A complainant reported people are constantly dumping trash over the bridge just south of Newark.

Thursday, March 11

200 block of Rook Ramsey Drive – Some children found a purse on Old Decatur Highway and turned it into the sheriff’s department. The purse had been reported lost in 2009.

700 block of CR 3336 – A woman reported that her daughter harasses her.

100 block of Illinois Street – A complainant advised that a man pulled a hammer on him near a liquor store. The complainant then pulled out a gun and suspect fled the scene.