Monday, June 7

Shale Creek – Four males were seen walking behind houses in an unfinished portion of the subdivision. A deputy advised them to go home.

100 block of County Road 4847 – A trailer was reported stolen.

100 block of County Road 4877 – A lawnmower was reported stolen.

100 block of County Road 4859 – A child was naked and screaming in a backyard. A parent said the kid had been swimming and just started “throwing a fit.”

Tuesday, June 1

Chisholm Springs – A roofer was fired and threatened to assault the contractor.

100 block of Lexington Court – A complainant reported that a man threatened to rob him because he had convinced the man’s girlfriend to break up with him.

500 block of West Franklin Street – A person attempted to buy Vicodin over the phone. The landlord wanted the person who attempted to purchase the Vicodin evicted.

Sunday, April 25

7500 block of Briar Road – Two tires were stolen from the bed of a pickup.

300 block of PR 4732 – A complainant reported that several teenagers next door were being “loud and unruly.” The deputy determined that the teenagers were under the influence of marijuana. One of the subjects was arrested for possessing less than two ounces of marijuana.

1800 block of PR 4418 – A man reported that his girlfriend would not leave him alone.

Saturday, April 24

U.S. 380 at Abrams Construction – A man sitting in a parked car on the side of the road was arrested for public intoxication.

1000 block of CR 3451 – An Audi Quatro was abandoned on a man’s property.

100 block of Brighton Oaks – A couple was arguing in the street over a cell phone.

500 block of Central Avenue – A woman reported that an ex-boyfriend kidnapped and assaulted her repeatedly over a two-day period.

1500 block of Rogers Road – A man reported that his son is “out of control” and punched the garage door.

1500 block of Hickory Street – An unknown suspect shot the window of a pickup with a pellet gun.

1600 block of Hickory Street – The window of a passenger car was shot with a pellet gun.

300 block of W. Decatur – A husband and wife were arrested for assaulting a family member. When they returned home, they claimed their neighbors burglarized all their electronics while they were in jail.

800 block of CR 2215 – A man allegedly threatened to kill another man over a dispute involving rent.

Tuesday, April 20

2200 block of CR 4522 – A man left pictures in a woman’s driveway.

200 block of Happy Trail – An unknown suspect stole one foot of copper wire from a meter box.

100 block of Tower Road – A woman reportedly took a baby crib from an abandoned trailer home.

Rhome area – A father received an email on Facebook from his daughters. They informed him they had been assaulted. Deputies responded, but it turned out the girls had made up the story.

700 block of CR 4668 – A husband and wife got into a physical altercation after the woman attempted to get into the gun cabinet.

100 block of CR 1641 – A neighbor was playing loud music.