Tuesday, November 11, 2014

100 BLOCK OF WILD OAK CT. – An unknown suspect broke into a home and stole a man’s belongings.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4655 – A father requested a criminal trespass warning be issued to his daughter’s friend.

100 BLOCK OF MINNOW – A woman said a person is failing to pay the remainder of the money owed to her for a vehicle.

2300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3519 – A motor vehicle was stolen.

Saturday, November 8, 2014

200 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4864 – An unknown person removed copper wire and tools from inside a home.

400 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 3650 – A father said he and his daughter had a verbal altercation that ended with a shove.

200 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3855 – A 20-year-old female believed to have alcohol poisoning was transported to Wise Regional Health System.

Friday, November 7, 2014

3100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1590 – A man reported his red 1994 Chevy pickup stolen.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4861 – The complainant reported eight damaged mailboxes. Just after taking the report, a woman called and said she had struck the mailboxes with her car. She had already contacted some of the owners and provided insurance information.

700 BLOCK OF MAIN – The complainant was receiving threats over Facebook.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 3230 – A mom reported her 12-year-old daughter was out of control. She calmed down once deputies arrived.

12100 BLOCK OF SHINE AVE. – Officers responded to a family disturbance over the care of a baby.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 1599 – A juvenile burglarized and stole property from the home.

Monday, November 3, 2014

400 BLOCK OF EAST KENTUCKY – A wife reported her husband missing. She had not seen him since the previous Friday. He was located in Oklahoma shortly after being entered into NCIC, a crime database.

19700 BLOCK OF NORTH COUNTY LINE ROAD – A man was issued a hot check for an item he sold at auction. He was referred to the county attorney.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1875 – A can-Am ATV and trailer was stolen and recovered.

200 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4864 – Copper wire was stolen.

300 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4882 – A woman said someone put her full name and phone number on Craigslist.

Saturday, November 1, 2014

600 BLOCK OF ELM CIRCLE – People were removing rocks from a lake bed.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 3405 – The complainant wanted a person removed from the trailer park.

100 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 2694 – A person shot a dog.

900 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3855 – A husband and wife had an argument over financial issues. Both agreed to behave.

800 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1180 – A man found several bags of a white powder substance he believed to be narcotics.

100 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 1641 – Complainants reported the house sitter was being harassed by the neighbors.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3331 – A man said a person shot the front of his truck with a shotgun while it was parked in his driveway.