Wednesday, November 14, 2018

5000 BLOCK OF SOUTH FARM ROAD 730 – Someone entered the complainant’s garage without a door and removed washing machine.

3100 BLOCK OF U.S. 81/287 – After a K9 deployment, marijuana was located in the vehicle, concealed underneath the front dashboard in a hidden compartment. Also located in the vehicle in the trunk was approximately $4,500. One of the three people was taken to jail for possession of marijuana under 2 ounces and the money was seized.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

4400 BLOCK OF NORTH U.S. 81/287 – Complainant stated a tenant was purposely doing things to make her struggle financially and keep her from getting her ranch together. The complainant stated she would be starting the eviction process the next day to get him out of there.

1200 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4764 – A woman advised prior to her nephew going to prison, he allowed a man to stay at his trailer on the complainant’s property, and since her nephew has been in prison, the man continues to come onto the property. She said she doesn’t know what property, if any, is his and wishes him to be issued a criminal trespass.

200 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4772 – A man said his mother’s residence was broken into and ransacked. The only item he knew to be missing was a 410 shotgun that the complainant has no information on. It was also determined the suspect possibly stole old checkbooks.

300 BLOCK OF HOVEY – The complainant’s storage building was broken into. It is unknown if anything is missing.

100 BLOCK OF TEXAS 101 – A traffic stop resulted in the recovery of drug paraphernalia.

400 BLOCK OF NORTH WICKHAM – A bicycle was found in the driveway at an abandoned house. Due to recent bike thefts in Alvord, the bike was taken.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

4600 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4227 – A woman advised she was assaulted by her boyfriend. Deputy observed an injury on the woman’s face that is consistent with an assault. The man was arrested for assault family violence with previous conviction.

SECOND AND VIRGINIA – A vehicle was located near the Veterans Park after closing, resulting in the arrest of a man for possession of marijuana less than 2 ounces and possession of a controlled substance less than 1 gram.

700 BLOCK OF ROGERS ROAD – A man who was previously in a disturbance returned and became belligerent. He was highly intoxicated and had caused several calls throughout the day. The man was also located in the roadway. He was arrested for public intoxication with three previous convictions.

400 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3388 – Complainant reported her husband returned to the house and kicked in the front door and assaulted her. Upon deputy’s arrival, the man refused to obey commands and resisted with deputies. Deputies determined an assault did occur, and the person was arrested.

Saturday, November 10, 2018

400 BLOCK OF MAIN STREET – As the deputy was driving through the area of Farm Road 920 and Main Street in Bridgeport with his windows down, he heard an inaudible yelling coming from the 400 block of Main Street. After further investigation, it was discovered a verbal disturbance was occurring between two sisters. One of the sisters fled the scene on foot but was later apprehended by Bridgeport Police Department and taken into custody.

COUNTY ROAD 4010 AT HILLCREST – People were seen removing items from the garage of a new home under construction. They were located at their residence on County Road 4213. A Riverside representative arrived and decided not to file charges at this time, and the suspects gave the items to the representative.

400 BLOCK OF PRIVATE ROAD 4906 – A man advised his trailer was stolen out of the backyard sometime last night.

100 BLOCK OF SAVANNAH DRIVE – While a divorcing couple was separating assets, the man refused to let the woman leave the closet they were working in for several minutes. The woman did not want to press charges. The man gathered the last of his belongings and left the property.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3791 – Complainant reported her husband assaulting her. Upon arrival, deputies determined both parties assaulted each other, and neither party wanted to press charges.

Friday, November 9, 2018

FARM ROAD 51 AT COUNTY ROAD 4896 – Two men located at the scene of a rollover wreck in the middle of a field were highly intoxicated and belligerent. The men were believed to be passengers in the vehicle, and the driver had fled. Both were arrested for public intoxication and possession of marijuana.

800 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 2650 – A woman came home to find her front door was kicked in. She did not notice anything missing from the home.

3300 BLOCK OF WEST TEXAS 114 – Complainant reported her daughter being harassed online by someone she knew.

300 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 4358 – A man left his firearm in his parents’ residence over a month ago, and the firearm is now gone.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

CHICO CITY HALL – Complainant reported someone broke two doors to a workout area and used the workout equipment.

100 BLOCK OF PONDVIEW DRIVE – A verbal disturbance took place between boyfriend and girlfriend. Parties were separated for the evening.

800 BLOCK OF COUNTY ROAD 3342 – A woman reported her ex-boyfriend was at her mother’s house refusing to leave.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

200 BLOCK OF NORTH MOUNT – A verbal altercation took place between husband and wife over finances. Parties were separated for the night.

U.S. 380 AT U.S. 81/287 – After conducting a traffic stop on a vehicle, consent was obtained to search. During the search, several marijuana paraphernalia items were discovered and both occupants were issued citations and later released on their own recognizance.

600 BLOCK OF COYOTE TRAIL – Complainant advised he and his girlfriend were arguing over the TV. Both parties were separated, and there were no injuries.

NO ADDRESS GIVEN – A man advised he double booked separate moving companies and one of the subjects got into the complainant’s face and bumped into his wife.