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Mute Button

  • August 28, 2009 7:33 am

mute button pacifierI saw a baby with this pacifier earlier this week and thought it was pretty hilarious.  My kids were never a fan of the pacifier, opting for thumbs instead.  I was always a little jealous of the magic quiet a pacifier would allow, and then the magic of simply throwing them away.  It’s a little harder to do that with thumbs-not that I didn’t try.  :)

The Kid Collar

  • August 22, 2009 6:13 am

As a follow-up to Thursday’s post, I wanted to pass along this real-life story.

Brian recently went on vacation with his 2 1/2 year old daughter.  It was their first “real” vacation as a family, complete with a roadtrip and a touristy stop or two.  In planning for the event, he and his wife realized their daughter was in an odd stage-the stage between strapping her in the stroller full-time, and letting her walk like a real-life grown up.  What to do?  Their solution surprised them, and a few bystanders…

We bought a kid collar.

I know that’s not what it is really called – it was actually a plush poodle that clipped around her chest with a cloth rope (the ‘tail’ as I called it) attached to the back. I always said I wouldn’t put my kid in a collar, but there we were in Red River, New Mexico, walking down the street to get ice cream with Audree wearing her pink poodle and daddy carrying the tail. I was just starting to think that, ‘Hey, this isn’t as bad as I thought,’ when my wife told me that someone waiting in line for ice cream made a snarky comment about “I’d never put my child in a collar.”

Even though maybe only a half-hour before, I felt the same way, the comment really offended me and I had to resist the urge to go back inside the store and ask this lady why she thought it was necessary to make unsolicited advice on our parenting skills.

kid leashWhat are your thoughts on the kid collar or kid leash?  Any more pearls of wisdom out there?  :)

Baby Steps

  • August 20, 2009 7:36 pm

My sister’s best friend had a baby on Monday.  One of my best friends had a baby in July.  I hear someone in Oklahoma City is having a baby any second now.  Lots of little fingers and toes making an appearance this summer, and lots of moms to talk about when our angels were just wee folk.  Just last night at dinner, a group of my friends reflected on that baby time, and shared their pearls of wisdom.  Today, as my sister was pumping me for more wisdom, I realized I haven’t really talked about the babies.  So, here are some pearls.  Some of these are tried and true Scrogginsisms, and others are observations, but either way, you might come out a pearl or two more prepared for that Year of Baby.

-Take a picture every month of your baby’s first year in the same chair, with the same stuffed animal.  You’ll be amazed how fast they grow, and then you’ll be teary at how fast the time went. 

-Bottle warmers and wipe warmers are a racket.  I was a bottle mom, and kept water in the bottles at room temperature, ready for the formula as needed.  Some nursing moms I knew let their milk thaw at room temperature, or used hot water from the tap.  Either one worked like a charm.  Wipe warmers burn and dry out wipes.  If you want, hold the wipe in your hand as you get situated for the diaper change.  It’s not perfect, but it is just a bottom.

-Baby food out of jars is just fine at room temperature.  I know tepid green beans sound gross, but if you don’t know the difference, then baby-food-on-the-go won’t seem gross either.   

-Cheerios rock.  With my second two kids, I was literally counting down the days until I could put them in the highchair with a handful of Cheerios.  I had at least an hour of hands-off baby time, which was long enough to fix dinner AND have a Diet Coke.

-Baby Music works.  I don’t know why, but when you’re in the car with a screaming baby or toddler, pop in The Wheels on the Bus or Going on a Bear Hunt and watch the magic happen.

-Baby backpacks are a must-have for Daddies.  Crawling babies were a beat down for me; their dirty knees and sticky hands drove me NUTS.  Enter Daddy Backpack.  Voila!  Put the baby on the Daddy and send them outside to wash the car, clean the garage, etc.  Baby stays happy for DAYS, and you  have five minutes of alone time for a Diet Coke Break.

-Plastic links were sent from the heavens.  You know this if you’ve ever played the “let me drop this and you pick it up” game.  Enough said. 

-No spill bubble containers.  Your baby or toddler will think you are AWESOME when you hold the wand up to the air conditioner and watch the bubbles fly through the car.  Use sparingly to increase the magic factor.

-Stroller training.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but little people take little steps.  If you ever want to walk with any efficiency across an airport or zoo, strollers are the way to go. I was personally addicted to the stroller.  When my second child was born, we did not go ANYWHERE unless they were BOTH TIED DOWN.  My oldest was barely 2, the youngest was 0.  You get it.  Plus, there was a cup holder for my Diet Coke.  And again, cups of Cheerios saved the day in the entertainment factor.  It’s amazing how much practice it takes to pinch your pointer and thumb together.  The things we take for granted.  :) 

-Buy a pack-n-play.  It’s for more than just packing and playing.

-Drink water, or you may become addicted to Diet coke.  Or so I’ve heard.

I feel like I’m forgetting most of the wisdom in my brain, a side effect of Motherhood.  So, what pearls of wisdom do you have for that first year?