DanielleScroggins01My name is Danielle Miller Scroggins, former Military Brat and subsequent 1993 Graduate of Decatur High School.  I spent my High School Years as a Decatur Eagle and my College Years as a Texas Aggie.  I graduated in 1997, with a Bachelor of Science in Rangeland Ecology, and a Teaching Certificate in Life and EarthSciences.  I spent the next five years pouring my heart into teaching, both 7thGrade Science and High School Biology.  Upon the birth of my second child, I made the career change to Stay-at-home-Mom.  Now, as my youngest child turns three, I’ve made another career change.  In addition to teaching again, I hope to create a community of Moms.  Right Here.

I hope to create a place of support, of laughter, of empathy, of fun.  I hope to share my stories, my observations, my thoughts, but also to give you a place to share yours.  In doing all of that sharing, laughing, and crying, I hope to allow you to think,  “I’m so glad I’m not as crazy as all THAT.”  And then, we will all be better Moms.