The kids are out of school for the week, and although it’s only Tuesday, I’m guessing some moms and dads out there are looking for a few things to do.  Here’s a short list of a few things I’ve heard of people doing this week:

1-Fort Worth Zoo:  There is a new herb that opened last week, that is supposed to be super amazing.  Wednesday is half price day, so if you don’t mind the crowd, pack the crew up and go look at some snakes.

2-Forth Worth Museum of Science and History:  The new version of the old museum is AMAZING.  It’s a little more pricey than it used to be, but, I have to admit, worth it.  Check out the website for pricing and Omni showing times.

3-Ballpark in Arlington Tour:  I have a friend doing this today, and her boys are having a blast.  If you’ve got the bug for baseball, a definite must-do.

4-The Trantula Train in Grapevine:  Ride A REAL train either from Grapevine, or on a short trip around the Fort Worth Stockyards.

5-Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day!!  Cook some traditional corned beef and cabbage, and prepare yourself for a visit from those mischievous leprechauns!  We make shamrock cookies for them every year in hopes that a little bribery will calm them, but they can’t help having a little fun at our expense.  In the morning, we awake to a few more messes around the house than we did the night before, and their practical jokes always leave us giggling.  We don’t mind the “treasure” they leave behind, either.