My daughter can’t seem to remember to bring her lunchbox home from school.  It’s not a big problem, but a problem nonetheless.  And I can see it growing into a bigger problem-lunchbox today, binder, textbook, projects, SAT testing the next.  We’ve nagged, reminded, and yes-even talked angrily to her about this situation, but it still wasn’t on her radar.  Finally, we came up with a solution.  We threatened to pack her lunch in a Cars lunchbox-the only one left in our pantry.  She was agast at the idea.  It was awesome.  Never before had a consequence made such an impact, and frankly, I was surprised it even mattered to her, but it did.  I was so excited to find a bit of currency to use on her-to Love and Logic her with a natural consequence of meaning.  Sometimes it’s hard to come up with those “natural consequences” of behavior, but when you do-it’s truly a golden moment.

And, she hasn’t forgotten her lunchbox since.