This weekend, all five of us adventured to the movies to see Percy Jackson & The Olympians, The Lightning Thief.  Based on the book by Rick Riordan, the movie’s plot focused on Percy Jackson, the mortal son of the Greek God Poseidon.  That said, the story was set in modern times but based on Greek Mythology.  The plot weaved the two worlds constantly, and it didn’t take long before the audience accepted the premise, and went along for the ride.  During that ride, Percy Jackson was accused of stealing Zeus’ Lightning Bolt, thus causing Zeus to declare war on Poseidon.  To circumvent this war, Percy and his fellow “Olympians” battled mythical creatures like Medusa in their travels to find and hopefully return the Lightning Bolt in time.

I was highly skeptical of taking my younger kids to see this movie, given its PG rating.  We are a PG kind of family, even bumping the bar up to PG-13 on occasion with movies like Harry Potter and Transformers.  BUT, there have been a few times when my hesitance was warranted.  I specifically remember putting my foot down on seeing Monsters, Inc on Ice.  You laugh, but we were having a Monster issue at the time, and while they didn’t live in our closets, I was certain that show would plant that seed, thus increasing our Monster Factor.  Guess what?  I was right.  That week, after the show, Monsters moved into our closets.  But, my husband assured me that Percy Jackson would be fine, and the boys would enjoy the action and adventure, so I caved. 

I’ll admit.  There were definitely a few images when both the boys and I covered our eyes, but even my youngest was quickly pushing my hands out of the way because he “had to see the good guys win!”  We also had my daughter practically narrating every scary point before it happened because she’d read the book.  So, that was a bonus.  I personally liked the head’s up when Percy was headed to the Underworld.  But, overall, it was not any more intense than Harry Potter, and listening to my daughter explain the relationships of Greek Mythology to my boys was kind of amazing.

So, if you’re a little brave, I’d definitely recommend this one (finally)!  It was overwhelmingly better than The Squeakual, and I’m even thinking of stealing my daughter’s copies of the book series because I keep wondering about Percy Jackson’s future training and adventures.