I think I have found the answer I’ve been searching for with my meal planning woes.


My husband made note of the website listening to Dave Ramsey’s radio show (which is another post altogether).  But, he was intrigued with what the site had to offer, attacking meal planning with a menu based on grocery store (and Wal Mart) sales.  Just to list a few of its bragging rights:

E-Mealz plans are…

…are written and created by REAL moms with REAL families
…are balanced and family friendly
…are as easy as possible, but delicious and kid tested!
…consist of favorite recipes collected from hundreds of moms
…come with an organized, aisle by aisle grocery list
…are for 4 to 6 people
…are based on the current week sales at your grocery
…are priced at approximately $75 per week
…Two person plans average $35 total per week

There are also a variety of meal planning options, from low-fat to vegetarian, so there really is something for every lifestyle.  But, there is a catch.  The site costs $5/month, but with the savings from sticking to a grocery list of items that will only be used in menus you have in mind, I’m thinking it’s worth it.  Plus, so far, I’m being forced to branch out of my comfort zone of foods-even buying shrimp this week.  I haven’t actually braved that recipe yet, but I’m going to try!

Take a peek, and let me know what you think.  :)