I was driving home from work when I learned of Jenny Ross Bizaillion’s passing, and I was stunned silent and still.  Like so many others, I’ve been following her fight and complications with Sepsis, and praying for her recovery.

While I did not have the blessing of knowing her, her story affected and changed me. Day after day, hour after hour, I read the Ross-Bizaillion Family’s updates as they worked through this experience.  Each time, giving their readers specific prayers and requests to wish for, to hope for, and each time their Faith unwavering.  I shared her story with my family and my children, and we hoped for this young mother’s recovery and for her family’s strength.

Tonight, the updates are silent, and my thoughts are with her family.  Please know and feel the support of this community, and lean on us.  Jenny touched many people in her life, including many strangers.  I know her memory will remain on my heart, and I will reflect on it often.