This comment was posted today, but on an old post from the beginning of the school year, and because I’m not sure my avid readers read every post everyday, I thought I would post it hear for us all to read.  It’s a good one, especially on a snuggly snow day.

Just wanted to let all of you young moms know, it doesn’t get easier as time passes. I am an empty nester and miss the days of toys all over the house, yells from the bedroom because someone took something from one of them, and the busy weeks of coming and going all the time. I love the start of a new school year because I always thought of it as a new beginning, but it was the end of the year that would get to me. They were officially one year older and one year closer to leaving home. It’s been said that God prepares your heart to accept the empty nest when the time comes, and He does. So enjoy your time with them now they’ll be gone before you know it.