One of my favorite magazines is Real Simple.  I love everything about it, the articles, the photos, even the font.  If you have an extra few dollars, and an extra few minutes, you really should invest them both in a copy.  This month, I received a bonus copy of Real Simple Family.  If you have even more extra dollars and minutes, pick up a copy of this little beauty.  :)

Anyway, one of the little tidbits of genius was nestled in an article entitled “White-Coat Confessions,” where pediatric experts gave pieces of information “every parent should know.”  And they aren’t the super important pieces of information you’d think we should have, they are just little easy pieces of information that make you feel prepared, smart, and ready to tackle this whole motherhood thing.

My favorite piece of advice?  “Toys can be simple.”  Maia Magder, a speech-pathologist recommends a box of tissues as a present for a one-year-old.  A Box of Tissues!  How genius is that?  She explains that it increases fine motor skills and early language skills.  Just think of your one-year-old, and how much they love completely shredding the toilet paper roll.  If only we knew to encourage that with gift bags full of Kleenex.  Sometimes, I guess we moms just overthink things, and getting back to the Simple is just the way to go.

So, for now, I’m stocking up on little cubes of Kleenex for all those adorable soon-to-be toddlers in my life, thanks to a little Simplicity.