Friday, we rented the new Star Trek for Family Movie Night, and it was awesome!  It was so awesome, we watched it again Saturday morning before our usual basketball game extravaganza.  The plot centered around the original cast, and how that cast became a crew and friends aboard The Enterprise.  The new actors in the original character roles did a fantastic job portraying the essence of those characters, and it made us fall in love with them all over again.

I’m not a true “Trekkie,” but my dad is, so the Star Trek theme song was always background noise in our house.  I knew about Spock, Captain Kirk, Scotty, Bones, and about going where no man has gone before.  I can incorporate the phrases “beam me up Scottie,” and “I’m givin’ her all she’s got” into my everyday language, and after watching this new version of an old favorite, my husband and I decided we needed to pass on the tradition to our kids.

This weekend seemed like the perfect time to enhance their Star Trek education, since the weather temperatures can’t seem to find their way above freezing.   So, we turned Family Movie Night into Family Movie Weekend.  My dad (the Trekkie) owns the complete set of Star Trek movies, so we quickly confiscated them, and set about for a day of cozy, complete with popcorn and pillows.  We gave the kids some background information about how we watched the TV show when we were kids, and how these movies were released during that time way back in the EIGHTIES.  We started at the beginning with the original movie, but alas, it didn’t quite hold the kids’ attention.  To be honest, I struggled a little with that one.  I guess movie making has changed just a little in the last thirty-ish years.  We moved through the second and third movies throughout the day, with the kids coming in and out of the living room as my husband made fire, and I worked on an online defensive driving class.  Tonight, we finished up the fourth movie, The Voyage Home.  In that movie, the crew traveled back in time to 1986 to retrieve humpback whales to save the 23rd Century earth.  It’s by far my favorite of the bunch, and the kids laughed watching Spock navigate the roads of a punkrocker San Fransisco as he learned to cuss.  They also loved saving the whales.  I think we’re doing good work here.  Serious societal education in progress.

Because, they too, need to live long and prosper.