It’s that time of year!  The Fort Worth Stock Show and Rodeo is in full swing in the Arts District of Fort Worth.  We’ve taken the kids since they were babies, continuing my own family tradition.  I love walking through the grounds looking at the cows, horses, sheep, and yes…pigs.  I love catching the horse and dog shows in the arena, and relaxing with a great Diet Coke while we do.  And, we end the day with a walk through the exhibit hall and enjoy some great Fair Food.  The past few years, we’ve spent a few minutes on the Carousel, but not too many.  There is the Wise County Reunion to compete with.  :)

General admission runs adults $8, and kids over 6 years $6.  Decatur Day is February 6th, and tickets for the Rodeo can be purchased at the Chamber of Commerce.  Check out the website here, and plan a day of Family Fun!