nintendo-wii-consoleWe’re a Wii Family.  Before that, we were a Nintendo Game Cube Couple, and before that, my husband was a Nintendo 64 Bachelor.  I guess you could say it’s a family tradition, and one that we’re continuing because we just can’t stop.  Well, my husband can’t stop anyway.  I’m a hit-or-miss gaming gal.  I can be talked into a little Mario Cart every now and then, and definitely Wii Sports or Guitar Hero.  But mostly, I’m an observer, and now with the kids all of Wii age, there’s a lot to observe.

Wii age-it’s the age where Family Movie Night usually consists of the latest animated or talking animal film, and finding a Family TV Show is nonexistent.  In between Crime Dramas and Adult Humor Sitcoms, there is little left for a family with young kids to enjoy.  So, we default to the Wii.  Almost every night after dinner, we cozy up in the living room with our latest guilty pleasure.  Tonight, it was Dance Dance Revolution, and this time I was the one asking for one more chance, prolonging bedtime just a few more minutes.  EVERYONE just ate that up because it NEVER happens, but…

“We’ve got Family!  Get up everybody and Sing!”

or something like that.  :)