We spent the better part of our weekend mastering the art of Ripsticking.  The kids received these for Christmas, and have been stumbling through the month of January desperately trying to not only balance on them, but somehow make it down the driveway without falling and breaking bones.  If you aren’t familiar with this new-fangled skateboard, look at the picture and just see if you can figure it out.  It only has two wheels (that swivel), and the board itself swivels back and forth.  It’s like combining skateboarding, snowboarding, and roller blading all in one, I think.  I’m too scared to get on one myself.  In fact, with my track record of injuiry, my husband basically forbid me to think about it, so we could “keep the mommy intact.”  Nice confidence, don’t you think?  In any case, yesterday there was all kinds of success on my mom’s driveway-balancing, steering, a little falling, but all bones still whole-so that’s good.

There was so much success that my sister and her boyfriend were shopping online because they wanted one of their very own.  Fun for all ages! 

If you’ve tried it, share your story.  :)