This Conan vs. Jay thing has me very annoyed and upset.  My husband keeps laughing at me because of it, and doesn’t understand why I’m so invested, but really-to me, it’s a case of very bad manners.

We’ve always watched Jay Leno; I think he’s super funny, and up until recent weeks, I thought he was a pretty classy guy.  Last year, when he “retired” I was a little sad to see him go, but I went with the change, and we began watching Conan.  Admittedly, Conan had to grow on me a little, but if any of you remember, Jay had to grow on us too.  And, despite the growing pains, I think Conan’s been doing a pretty good job.  We’ve caught Jay’s prime time show here and there, and it has the same feel as the Tonight Show.  I would imagine that people choose to watch one or the other, not both.  So, to me, the low ratings on both shows are not a shock.  1-People are adjusting the changes, and 2-there is an over abundance of shows to choose from.  It’s just natural selection, plain and simple.  The strongest and funniest will survive.

So, to bring this rambling on home, my thoughts are this:

1-Jay signed the contract how many years ago that he would leave the Tonight Show to Conan?  He knew it was coming.

2-He should not have done the Prime Time Show-that caused too much competition in the late night tv shows for Conan to have a chance at being successful.

3-When this whole craziness began, Jay should have stepped down from his show, leaving Conan to prove himself.  If, at that point, Conan did not succeed, well, that would have been a different story.

So, ya, I’m Team Conan, even though I’ve been a Jay Leno fan for years.  Like I said, it’s just bad manners.