I’m not a big resolution maker; I’ve never officially written anything down or set strict timed guidelines for bettering myself, but I do tend to file things away in my mind that I should “work on.”  So, this year I thought I’d actually write a few things down, specifically some mommy things for this mommy blog.  :)

1.  Relax the bedtime routine.  I’m a fan of the 8:30 bedtime, but sometimes I know I rush through stories or family hang out time to get everyone put up and snug in their covers.  So, I’m going to relax that a little and try not to get caught up in the time, but more caught up in the moment.

2.  Lower my voice.  I’m not a fan of  yelling, but I know I get a little frustrated when I feel myself repeating things over and over and over (and over).  I know how to count to ten, so I think I’ll put that skill to use.

3.  Make more dates with the kids.  The kids really do groove on their one-on-one time, and while I do make an effort to make that happen, I could do a better job.  Maybe I’ll come up with a schedule, once a month take a kid on a date with mom or dad?  Sound good?

4-Dinner.  You remember my joy of cooking?  I’m going to work on that, and sit around the table with good food more often.  I think we sit at the counter more than we sit at the actual table passing food around and practicing our “please” and “thank you.”  That means I’m usually cleaning something, grabbing a bite here and there instead of listening to all the conversation of the day.  Shame on me!

5-Exercise.  Yes, this one is for me, but they say by making time for yourself you are giving a gift to your children in some way, right?  I go in waves with regular exercise, but I’d like to again make a consistent habit of it since I do sleep better, think better, and overall function better when I’m in that mode. 

So, that’s it.  That’s whats I’m filing away for the next year, even going one step further by actually writing it down.  Anyone else have a list of 2010 “to-dos?”