poison ivy

Medical happenings around this house are always interesting.  We don’t just get a cold, the flu, or a cut on the knee.  We get pneumonia, earring backs stuck in ears, quadruple ear infections, and poison ivy in the dead of winter.

Yes, poison ivy in the dead of winter.

We just returned from a visit to our wonderful pediatrician to verify my diagnosis that my 6-year-old indeed does have The Ivy.  She just shook her head at us when we told her our sad story.  She agreed that we were her only Ivy case this winter, maybe any winter, but like I said, that’s just how we roll.  Where did he get it?  The only thing I can pull out of my mind is that when making our snowman family, we somehow rolled through a bit of the wretched plant.  And, we know from experience, it only takes a bit.

I have a horrible reaction to The Ivy, sometimes including hives which drive me to near insanity, so we know what to look for, how to treat, and when to call in the official doctors.  Today it was time for professional help, when he awoke with The Ivy on his face, hands, and ankle in addition to his arm.  But, we just downed our first dose of oral steroids, so all should be getting better in a few hours.

In the meantime, I’m avoiding him like the plague.  That stuff is contagious, and while I love him,  I do have my sanity to consider.