I love the week after Christmas.  It’s really the only week of the entire year that we are complete lazy bums, and it’s awesome.  The kids are exhausted from all the fun we’ve crammed into December, and with their new loot around them, they are content to play for hours or hang in their pajamas all day.  We cozy up with movies, games, and with the weather this year, a crackling fire.  It’s also the only week of the year my kids actually sleep past 7 a.m., in fact, two are STILL ASLEEP RIGHT NOW (9:30 a.m.).  It’s like bonus time for me, because I still wake up early but have all these extra hours with my book, movie, and depending on my choice of caffeine for the day, diet coke or coffee.  I love my kids, but these hours of solitude are a nice little way to top off the year and gear up for January.

Despite all the laziness, I do throw in a little cleaning and organizing.  It’s the perfect time to clear out closets, drawers, playrooms, and toy bins-to make room for all that new loot I spoke of earlier.  And, for me, cleaning things out is superfun, but as you know, I’m quite the nerd on many levels.  :)

So, I’m off to finish out this lazy day.  We have plans to watch a movie and then watch round 2 of Christmas snow.  Maybe we’ll get out of our pjs.  Maybe not.