love actually

Tonight, I took time out with some girlfriends to escape the holiday crazies with a little gift exchange, a small sampling of snacks, and plenty of pillows and blankets to cozy up with Love Actually.

It sounds like a chick flick because it totally is, and the message is clear:  All we need is love; love is all around us, complete with The Beatles singing that message in the background.  Doesn’t that just sound like something right up my sappy little alley?  The multiple story lines woven through the plot sounded that refrain again and again, from young, first romantic love to warm, familiar family love, and everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) in between.  It was nice to watch a movie during this special time of year with that simple theme in mind, because, as you know, one of my daily goals is to stop down, and take the time to just “be.”  With all the hustle and bustle of not just this season, but life in general, making that time is practically a miracle.  And, when you get right down to it, all we do need is love.  It’s easy.  Isn’t it?

“Because it’s Christmas, and I just thought I’d check.”