As we are smack dab in the middle of the Holiday Extravaganza, and I’m desperately trying to fit in all the Fun and Tradition, I’m wondering what other kinds of Holiday Excitement is out there. 

We try to pack in as much fun as we can; I’m a little OCD that way at times.  :)   We  make sugar cookies, gingerbread houses, decorate the tree, and all the mainstream stuff everyone does. And, we also try to carve out snippets of time to spend not only with our family, but our friends as well.  For us, friends are family “once-removed” as it were, and this time of year seems perfect to just be still to remember that.  Just yesterday, we were out and about with some of these wonderful friends, and almost by accident ended up eating at the same resaturant we’ve eaten at for the last few years around this time.  The kids actually remembered it, and as we had a little book exchange, they talked about the books they exchanged last year (my daughter, the bookworm in particular).  I was surprised at their memory and nostalgia of the event, and their eagerness to “continue the tradition.”  And you know, if it was even remotely sappy, I was all over that. 

Over at Shelf Space, Kristen talked about their Tradition of Christmas stories and books-something I might have to add to my own list of fun things!

What kind of traditions (sappy or not) do you celebrate each year?