I got my first Christmas Card today.  I know, there are some SUPER organized people out there!  This particular friend of mine puts all other OCD-want-to-bes to shame.  But, I love her for it.  :)  Her card is always the first to arrive, and gets me excited about all the other cards coming to wish us Joy during this Season. (I love seeing pictures of everyone too!)

I’m actually a little behind this year on my Christmas Card extravaganza.  I usually order the picture part of the card in October (when things are on sale of course), but waited this year to include an actual Christmas picture instead of a random one from the past year.  But, I still haven’t taken that picture, thus the state of tardiness.  I am also one of those annoying people who write a Christmas Letter.  I’m sure you are shocked.  It’s true, I’ve written one every year since we married, and actually look forward to sitting down and trying to fit our year in one page or less.  Sometimes my font is too small, and my margins are too wide, but it always fits on that one page-a rule my husband came up with back in the day.  I try to fit in a little of everything, work, kids, pets, fun, travel, and sometimes even a little heartache.   I love to sit and read all the past year’s letters and see how our lives have changed in the last 14 years.  The kids get a kick out of reading what life was like before they came along, too.  A lot has happened in those 14 years.  A lot.  It makes me wonder what’s in the Grand Plan for the next 14 years. 

Whatever it is, I’ll write it in my Christmas Letter and send it along with wishes for a Happy Holiday Season and New Year.

But, my card probably won’t ever be the first to arrive, and this year, it might even be the last.  :)  That’s ok, right?