I’ve been in a bit of a Mommy rut lately.  I think part of it is the time of year.  We’re knee deep into the school routine, fall sports are coming to a close, and the Holiday Season is just around the corner.  Everything is going 90 miles a minute, and there are days I can’t catch my breath, let alone plan a solid dinner or wash enough clothes for everyone to have a matching outfit.  This is hard.  And, sometimes it just seems harder than it should be.  It’s loud, messy, confusing, and crazy hectic. 

And, every day I wonder if I’m doing it right. 

Over the past few weeks on Facebook, people have been counting their blessings.  In some ways it’s been very sweet, very quaint, and very humbling.  But, to be completely honest, in other ways it’s been a little annoying.  It made me wonder if I was the only one who had bad days, and wished for early bedtimes for my hoodlum children.  EVERYONE was thankful for their beautiful, caring, sweet, loving, obedient children.  I was thankful for Diet Coke breaks to help me deal with my children (who weren’t exhibiting those more than wonderful qualities). 

Then, last week at preschool, a teacher stopped me in the hall.  She went on to compliment my youngest as a sweet, smart, very polite young man.  After quickly scanning the halls and realizing her compliment was for MY child, I thanked her and beamed down at my littlest hoodlum.  He beamed right back and me and went on chattering about his day and what he learned.  As he went on (and on and on), I had one of those a-HA moments, overcome with gratitude and thankfulness for my life.

Even if I’m not doing it right-at all.

Because, I’ve been given the blessing of Motherhood, and I should be thankful for all the loud, messy carpooling.  I should smile when the kids commence their arguing, and laugh when red kool-aid spills on my freshly mopped floor.  I should look at them in wonder and awe when their world collides with my own.  I’ve been known to give the advice of “This is your life, live it and love it.”  Sometimes, I forget to listen to myself.

Thank goodness for this week, and for Thanksgiving.  Thank goodness we have a holiday to FORCE us to say an outloud “thank you” for our blessings-blessings too numerous to count.

I am thankful for my three hoodlum children, for their laughter and their cuddles.  I am thankful that they are unique, creative, and very, very independent.  I am thankful for the time we share as a family, for our family traditions, and for the opportunity to relive childhood three times over.  I am also thankful for my washing machine, dishwasher, the invention of windex, and earphones. 

But, most of all, I’m thankful for the moments inbetween the chaos.  The moments when I know I’m not doing it right, and somehow it all works out.  And, as if that wasn’t a sappy enough way to end this post, I’m thankful for the opportunity to give thanks-the opportunity to be still and just take it all in.  I guess I fell for that Facebook status update of thanks after all.

God Bless us Every One.  Have an amazing Thanksgiving.  Stock up on those cleaning supplies, buy and extra SD card, and take a moment to see the day in slow-motion.  :)