Can you believe it’s already time to start?

I personally love the holiday shopping season.  I like looking for that special gift for that special someone.  I actually look for little treasures all through the year and stow them away in my “gift closet” hoping to ease the burden on my checking account in the month of December.  Sometimes that works out for me, and sometimes it doesn’t, but it’s a good plan.  :)

I also love stealing away with my husband for a datenight of shopping coupled with dinner and a movie in the crisp December weather.  Yep, I’m that sappy. 

But, back to my shopping list.  The list has become more complicated through these years of growing up, having kids, and becoming functioning members of society.  I’ve actually graduated to spreadsheet format vs. paper/pen scratch sheet of paper format.  In my official spreadsheet, I keep track of ideas, stores, sales, and then the all important “done” box.  Love that.  Especially when everybody’s done and we can begin WRAPPING!  I actually hate wrapping, and usually delegate that to ANYONE WHO WILL VOLUNTEER, but we aren’t talking about wrapping right now.

We are talking about shopping.

So, I take my trusty list with me, and I really dive into shopping on the day after Thanksgiving, otherwise known as Black Friday.  I set my alarm for some crazy hour, like 4 a.m. and hit the stores, shoving my way to the best deal.  Well, I don’t really shove my way, I politely maneuver my way and look askance at all the other crazies out there shopping so early in the morning.  But, by about 9 a.m. I’ve knocked out a big chunk of my list, leaving just a few items for that datenight later in the season.

What about you?  Any shopping traditions or tricks to share with the rest of us?