In the hustle and bustle between piano lessons and softball, I noticed my 6 year-old’s pants were WAY too long, and WAY too baggy.  In that hectic moment, I just rolled my eyes and went on with our list of Monday night activities.  I didn’t have a second thought about it because this isn’t necessarily an odd happening in our house.  We have inconsistent growth issues, and Mr. 6-year old especially likes to sprout up, then fill out.  I think he plans it just to drive me crazy.    The same clothes have fit off and on for the last 1-2 years, depending on his growth plan for that week.  So, in my defense of today’s issue-there is a history here.

But, today his pants just seemed EVEN MORE baggy than usual for the latest growth spurt.  When I pulled him to the side to roll up the EXCESSIVELY long pant legs, I checked the tag.  Yep, you guessed it.  Older sibling’s pants.  An actual 2 sizes too big, and on top of that, girl pants.  Sadly, not one of us noticed the pants problem this morning, during school, or early this afternoon.  We are just THAT observant around here.

I win.  Hands down.  The Mother-of-the-year Grand Champion Trophy has a permanent home on my living room shelf. 

Just try to beat this one.  :)